3 Energy Centers Deeper than the 7 Chakras

Sunday, March 28th, 2010
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: March 13, 2010
Title: 3 Energy Centers Deeper than the 7 Chakras
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3 Energy Centers Deeper than the 7 Chakras

The seven (7) chakras of the spinal column / sushumna channel of the etheric / astral body are well known in spiritual teachings such as kundalini yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. Chakras are wheels of energy or vortexes in the body. Chakras are the locations where psychic / psychological energy of the etheric body is converted into biological / biomechanical energy. The seven (7) largest chakras are located along the spinal column / sushumna energy channel at the areas of the biological glands of the human body.

However deeper than these seven (7) chakras are the 3 energy centers of the causal body / mental body. The causal body / mental body a deeper layer of our being, deeper than the biological physical body and deeper than the ether / astral energy body. The causal body is where the deepest parts of our psyche and individual self awareness exist.

This higher consciousness video by Channel Higher Self teaches about these 3 deeper energy centers in the body, sharing their location, energy connection, qualities, and function. Learn how to experience these deeper energy centers in a guided meditation. Understand why your Awareness is the key to the evolution of these deeper energy centers and the purification of the seven (7) chakras of the etheric / astral body.

This Higher Self channeling is an advanced teaching that is only found in deeper spiritual practices taught to more advanced students.

Many blessings and much Love!

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