10 Minute Higher Self Meditation: Third Eye Ajna AUM / OM Mantra

Saturday, January 18th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: January 17, 2014
Title: 10 Minute Higher Self Meditation: Third Eye Ajna AUM / OM Mantra
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10 Minute Higher Self Meditation: Third Eye Ajna AUM / OM Mantra

AUM / OM is the mantra syllable sound for the Ajna Chakra / Third Eye Chakra. By correctly creating the AUM / OM mantra and directing the energy into the Ajna Chakra / Third Eye, you will experience expanded states of consciousness, inner light, inner sounds, astral visions, astral travel and out of body experiences. Working with the AUM / OM mantra is one of the most powerful techniques in spirituality.

Nearly every spiritual tradition – from Yoga to Buddhism to Egypt to Christianity – considers AUM / OM (also Amen, Amun and the “Word of God”) sacred. Using this sacred sound correctly connects a human to God Consciousness by opening up our brain centers. Often worshiped for it’s great powers, this sacred sound has always held a special place in spiritual teachings.

In this Channel Higher Self video, you will be led in a 10 minute guided meditation using the sacred sound AUM / OM. The AUM / OM mantra is directed into the brain and Ajna Chakra / Third Eye center where it creates spiritual awakening and higher states of consciousness. You may use this sacred mantra meditation technique as often as you wish. There is no risk or danger when you work with AUM / OM correctly.

If you would like to work with the AUM / OM Mantra is greater depth, I recommend using Sacred OM Mantra Meditations – a guided meditation CD & mp3 instant download. This album guides you in 3 powerful AUM / OM mantra meditations that direct this sacred energy into your environment, your body, your chakras, and your Third Eye. The album also includes instructions on how to correctly create the AUM / OM mantra with the different parts of your throat and mouth, and information on the history, symbolism and purpose of this most powerful mantra sound. Click here to listen to sections of this album or to purchase it.

Blessings and Love.

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