The Greatest Breakthrough on the Spiritual Path of Self Transformation

Sunday, April 12th, 2015
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Date: April 10, 2015
Title: The Greatest Breakthrough on the Spiritual Path of Self Transformation
Running Time: 36:24

The Greatest Breakthrough on the Spiritual Path of Self Transformation

Every student of spirituality will experience many breakthroughs during their path to spiritual enlightenment, but one is more important than all the others. Curious what it is? Learn what amazing experiences await you!

Along the spiritual journey, certain milestones will be experienced. At the earliest levels, one experiences silence between the thoughts, peace in the emotions, and stress-free relaxation in the body.

At the mid-levels of spiritual growth, one experiences an expansion of space in one’s field of perception (awareness), vibration fields (chakras) and currents (nadis / meridians) in one’s body, freedom from thought identification, and the awakening of non-physical perception (clairvoyant visions, clairaudience, psychic gifts).

At the highest levels of spiritual growth, samadhi (union / oneness) states and transcendence of the personal self occur. The personal self dissolves into the Universal Consciousness and the Oneness of spiritual enlightenment dawns. The Eternal Self is realized!

Then there is more!

After this paramount experience of spiritual enlightenment / genuine Self-realization, a powerful new
intelligence and creative bliss energies flows through the enlightened person.

Learn more about the breakthroughs that occur on the path of spiritual enlightenment and Self-realization in this Channel Higher Self video on YouTube.

This Channel Higher Self video was taken from a personal Higher Self channeling session for a student of these teachings. It has been posted with expressed permission by the recipient of the session. This audio excerpt is being shared because the information is unique, original and significant. It is being published with the intention of helping every soul learn and evolve on their spiritual path of awakening. May all souls awaken to their True Reality.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Lyn says:

    Thank you Lincoln,

    This presentation has been very helpful and the timing could not have been better since I’ve recently made a request to the higher self for such information and guidance. Certain questions I had have now been answered.
    I’ve lived a long life and accumulated plenty that I’m now more aware is in the process of clearing. It’s taking time, but that’s fine for the tools and support are there, we only have to look within.


  2. Lincoln says:

    Wonderful Lyn. I am happy that this video came at the perfect time for you and is helping you on your path of spiritual growth.

    We were raised in a human mindset that taught us to find ourselves and to seek our happiness out in this world. The world’s forms and experiences are temporary, therefore their happiness is also temporary.

    To find a lasting happiness we must go inwards and awaken ourselves to who we are at the Love and Light of God.

    I congratulate you for your sincere efforts and dedicated work. I wish you the best on your life journey. Blessings and Love.

    ~ Lincoln

  3. Susana says:

    Awesome, thanks for being the speaker for the truth!

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