Higher Mind, Lower Mind, No Mind

Monday, August 11th, 2008
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Title: Higher Mind, Lower Mind, No Mind
Date: August 11, 2008
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Higher Mind, Lower Mind, No Mind

Welcome to the first of ninety-nine Channel Higher Self videos.¬†This channel session discusses the topic “Higher Mind, Lower Mind, and No Mind.”. Learn the difference between the stages of our thinking mind, where in the body and energy system these “minds” operate, and how to connect more fully with our own Higher Mind.

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  1. Henrique says:

    So is the Higher Mind the deepest layer of our consciousness? Is our pure awareness a “mind” but not like the thinking/lower mind, but still a “mind” ? Is it the “Heart”?

    many blessing lincoln, I love your videos they have been extremely helpful to me!

  2. Henrique says:

    Like, I can notice the difference betwen my thinking mind and the state of awareness whenever I chose to stop identifying to it and simply stay as awareness. There is defenetely a difference, but I still have a long jorney to go to understand these states better.

    Is this state of awareness a mind or layer of mind or what?

  3. Lincoln says:

    The deepest layer is the consciousness, which is the combined state of formless awareness and not-yet-manifest creative life energy experienced as blissful love. The Higher Mind is part of the created Universe. The created Universe is a product of the awareness and creative life energy. No, the Pure Awareness is not a mind.

  4. Lincoln says:

    When we silence our thoughts, there are still many parts of our individual mind still manifesting. Audible thoughts are only the outermost layer of the personal mind. Silence the thoughts, then silence the movements of energy in the mind, and you will begin to transcend your personal self. When all layers of the personal self as silenced and transcended, then the genuine experience of Pure Awareness will arise. What many people think and call the state of ‘awareness’ still has the personal mind very active. The awareness is always present, but as long as the personal mind is also present then the fullness of the Awareness is not yet realized.

  5. Scarlett says:

    Hello Lincoln, I am working with a guru, and we have conflicting views regarding the lower mind or ego mind. He believes it is necessary to have an ego (though not to let the ego mind rule you) and in his experience of living without it he was very unhappy. He experienced a period after a bad breakup with a girlfriend who he really loved where he believed his character was destroyed altogether, and where living without an ego really harmed him. Could you shed light on why this happened? I feel that his ego wasn’t gone, I think he let his ego win..

  6. Lincoln says:

    If your guru was unhappy then he was still experiencing life through his ego. It is the ego that creates the projection of beliefs and emotions onto a reality that is perfect peace and blissful Love. Having any other experience than this peace and Love is evidence that the ego still exists. I have found that most people believing that they are free from ego or spiritually enlightened have never truly reached either state. They have simply replaced one idea with another idea. Both ideas are still within the ego mind.

    Living in a genuine state that is free of ego requires that the person is free of thoughts and lives from the Universal Mind state of consciousness. The person always experiences blissful Love because everything is experienced as perfect Oneness in this Higher state.

    Believing that oneself is enlightened is very different than living in the true experience of enlightenment.

  7. Lincoln says:

    It is possible that what your guru believed was his ego-free state is actually a state of passivity that is rooted in increased subconscious activity and lethargy. Often meditators incorrectly believe that this lethargy is actual awakening . It is not.

    The lethargy is the experience of the subconscious mind that can increase if the meditator is not exercising his/her conscious will power to reach superconscious states.

    Meditation is not simply a relaxation exercise. Nor is it a way to “give up” and let other people or external situations dictate one’s own behavior. This is a passive state of powerlessness, where the person has not yet awakened his/her own connection to the Universal Mind.

    When a person is truly awakened, the individual mind is united with the Universal Mind. The person then lives from this Higher Mind state. The person’s actions are guided by the Higher Mind and not the lower minds of other people.

    So the awakened person will not suffer because of another person’s actions. Nor will the awakened person identify with another’s thoughts and judgements. The awakened person clearly sees the lower mind activities of others (and one’s own mind) and will not become trapped by ignorance and the emotions that result.

    It is important to never stop working on the spiritual path until the experience of a silent mind and blissful Love exist. We have not arrived until we are fully united with God Consciousness.

    I wish you and your guru the best. I hope that my answer sheds light on your experiences. Blessings and Love.

  8. Scarlett says:

    Very interesting!
    But how can we live without thought? how does the higher conciousness give us messages?

  9. Scarlett says:

    Thank you so much Lincoln! You have helped me so much on my spiritual path,

  10. Lincoln says:

    You have an intelligence that is beyond the thoughts your hear in your mind. When we silence the thoughts using meditation, then we awaken this deeper intelligence.

    From this deeper intelligence we can live, making our choices consciously – free from our ego’s insecurities, fears, etc.

    When you hear the ancient spiritual teachers speaking about living in the awakened state, this no mind, deeper intelligence is what they are speaking of.

  11. Tom says:


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