Your Intention Moves Mountains. Understand Who You Are.

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 151
Date: February 25, 2012
Title: Your Intention Moves Mountains. Understand Who You Are.
Running Time: 25:23
Parts: 3

Your Intention Moves Mountains. Understand Who You Are.

Your Divine birthright is being a creator of life. Understand the untapped gifts within yourself and awaken them. In this channeled Higher Self video you will receive the energetic empowerment and knowledge necessary to help awaken to your spiritual Higher Self as a living embodiment in this world. By embracing your connection to God within and having the intention, will power and strength to express your inner truth, you will bring your life into alignment with your Soul’s path. You will learn to live in Christ Consciousness and conscious Divine union.

Each person has been created in the image of God, but very few people have the knowledge and dedication to realize their deepest spiritual gifts and creative abilities. At the center of our ability to co-create, manifest and succeed in this world is our personal will, our intention. With proper understanding and encouragement it is possible for every person to realize their birthright of creative power and live this Soul-level experience in this world.

This Higher Self channeled message will help you to understand, embrace and empower your own intention and will. By connecting more deeply within yourself, you will awaken a source of strength, direction and power that give you the ability to succeed in your creating your desires and growing as an eternal Soul in manifestation. May you be awaken to that power that you have always been for eternity.

Many blessings and much Love!

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Part 3

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  1. Jacques says:

    So powerful and so complete.

    A true blessing .

    A call for LOVE.

  2. Jessica says:

    My eyes are burning, I just realized I didn’t blink the whole video! Your words come alive and I truly know what it means to listen. Your energy is so powerful. Everything seems to be so clear but without your energy around all the time it does seem harder as I go about my life. Thank you for the Channel For Higherself, it has kept me in alignment with the reality of this moment. You are the best teacher and I am so honored to have found you. I owe everything to you.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Wow! That’s fantastic… not the eye burning part, but the fact that your concentration ability is developing so well. Here is a practice that you can do…

    The EMF from the computer screen is not the best energy to focus on when performing trataka. The light of a flame (oil lamp is best) or the sun (more powerful) are better. These articles will also teach you why the eyes may tear when performing trataka.

    And here is a practice taught by another sun gazing trataka yogi. He is a breatharian as well.

    The goal for you, and all of the Higher Self family, is to be able to experience within themselves the same energy that they feel emanating from me. Continue to work on the Spiritual Heart meditation. Continue to give all layers of yourself Divine Love. Step by step you will reach greater spiritual states.

    Also, remember during your daily life to keep some of your attention within yourself – either on your breath or Spiritual Heart’s Divine Energy. This will help to keep your energy system at a higher vibration and make you less affected by the lower vibrations of people around you.

    Thank you for the gratitude love you share for me. I am very happy to support your spiritual journey. Blessings and Love always. Namaste.

  4. Jessica says:

    wow its so crazy that you would suggest trataka to me. I had no idea what it was till now, but it is something I have been doing for a while. I first did it when I watched one of your videos on energy. I would stare at a rose and one day I saw a green color unlike any green I had seen before around it and soon around the bush. After that I loved staring at the sun, I noticed the sun high in the day would feel “not right” but at sunset I could stare directly at it. Also, at the moon I felt a different energy and almost I could say more informational opposed to the sun which felt more giving (maybe poor choice of words). Many times when watching your videos I would close my eyes and your imprint was left in my vison. I really can’t say what it all means and trataka really blew me away. Although one thing I always come back to your teachings is because there are a lot of practices we all can do but the information and love that makes it all come together and the foundation of it all comes from your lips. I am often left with the feeling “am I doing this all right” Where to let go and where to surrender into, the feelings are always changing in the oneness that opens up. But Im learning everyday no matter what 🙂 Thank you for the Channel for HigherSelf, you are one of a kind and a pricless gift.

  5. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Jessica. Yes, it is common that people naturally feel drawn to perform certain actions only to find out later that it was an ancient health practice. This is because the body and universal consciousness knows what is best for us. When we learn to trust our innate intelligence, intuition, inner knowing, we can discover amazing things.

    Please read this article about another man who spontaneous starting meditating on the sun rise to discover how the sun light was actually feeding his body.

    This article will explain the process he teaches.

    Yes, I do realize that a lot of different techniques come through during my videos. Most of these are to help a person explore and understand themselves and this world. But the most important theme that runs throughout all of my videos is the same – and this is what is most important.

    1) We are the flow of conscious creative energy. This is Sat-Chit-Ananda = truth(eternal) consciousness (knowing awareness) bliss (Love).

    2) How we focus our awareness determines what we perceived (both inner and outer).

    3) Our awareness is formless, unchanging, eternal. Forms (the creative energy manifest) are in a constant state of change.

    4) We create from within, flowing out. From spirit to mental (causal) to emotional (astral) to physical (material)… both in dimension and in our multi-dimensional human system.

    5) The deepest center in our human system is the Spiritual Heart. This is where the blissful energy of Love (life force energy) enters our human experience from our Self.

    6. The Higher Self is the fullest experience of ourselves as this Divine Love energy and intelligent awareness.

    7. How you chose to experience yourself and how you choose to create you experience is your freedom.

    Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

  6. christopher chung says:

    how do you exercise your creative power? what do you mean by this exercising your creative abilities?

  7. Lincoln says:

    Exercise means “to use or apply”. To exercise your creative power / abilities means that you use your creative mind, emotions and energy consciously to direct your life. This may be creating a plan to reach your personal goals.

    It is important that we become a conscious participant in our lives. We must use our mind, emotions and body to create the life that our Heart is guiding us to experience.

  8. Jas says:

    Thankyou dear Lincoln … just thankyou ! I can honestly not express enough gratitude for your teachings .

  9. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Jas. I appreciate your gratitude and so deeply happy that my teachings have been helping you in your life. I wish you the best in all that you do. Blessings and Love.

  10. Jah says:

    Ratana Pon, Pile of Jewels. I seek to reconnect with the Pile of Jewels at my feet. Thank you for your direction and instruction, Lincoln.

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