You are God Dreaming Your Life into Being. Master the Dream in One Simple Step.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: July 24, 2018
Title: You are God Dreaming Your Life into Being. Master the Dream in One Simple Step.
Running Time: 26:15

You are God Dreaming Your Life into Being. Master the Dream in One Simple Step.

Incorrect identification with your thoughts, emotions and body is the cause of your suffering. You are limitless Creative Consciousness. Your human self is paint brush; you are the artist. Remove false understanding and return to being the Creator you truly are.

You are the creator god shaping the human dream. Step into true creative power.

You are the authority of your life. Awaken to the your personal power as a creator.

You are God dreaming your life into being. You are here to awaken to the truth of who you are. You are the creator god of your own personal life.

We are all here with our personal realities to awaken to the Truth. The Truth is that you are the Creator God and the life you live is a result of how you are using your creative powers.

Ignorance is a possible experience that we can choose to create. So, too, is wisdom.

Suffering is another possible experience that we can create. So, too, is happiness.

You are the creator of everything that happens in your life, including the experience of not knowing you are the creator. This is at the core of everything else in your life. Understand this and address this core piece and you can experience an entirely different way of living your life.

Watch this Higher Self video teaching to be supported in your journey of spiritual awakening. Learn how to open your Spiritual Heart so that you can experience the fullness of your Creative Self here in your human life.

Within your Spiritual Heart shines the creative power of God. Awaken your Heart. Remove the information that causes you to close your Heart and push the world away. This video teaching will help you remain as the empowered creator you are so that you may transform your life into greater happiness, peace, oneness and love.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Hi Lincoln! Great video!

    Please do you agree that awareness as such primordially operates as a “feeling awareness” (Peter Wilberg), feeling its content? Do you mean that when you say: “Feel the space of awareness!”? The individual soul, primarily residing in the “Heart” feels the greater “space” (being beyond space) of all-pervading consciousness, correct?


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