Trusting Your Heart is the Secret No One is Telling You

Thursday, May 31st, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 28, 2018
Title: Trusting Your Heart is the Secret No One is Telling You
Running Time: 30:42

Trusting Your Heart is the Secret No One is Telling You

This video breaks down, examines and teaches you how to transform the deep psychological patterns that prevent a person from experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment.

As you already know, suffering exists and there is a state free from suffering.

The mind will have many reasons for choosing suffering. The mind believes “I am unworthy of love”. “Enlightenment is too difficult”. “Society won’t let me be happy”. My romantic partner is the cause of my suffering.” “My parents caused all my problems.” Etc. All of these thoughts, and others, continue to create emotions of suffering inside our bodies and minds. As though we are hypnotized, we continue to listen to these thoughts and feel these emotions. We stay identified with what we hear and feel. We stay convinced that we are this story, this false self. We continue to suffer and feel we’ll never find a way out.

There is a solution.

There is a very direct spiritual method that will free you from your ego and all of it’s beliefs, stories and emotions. This method bypasses all need to analyze the mind’s content. This method is the most direct way to experience emotional freedom, a silent mind, and a blissful Heart.

Watch this video to be guided in this method of spiritual awakening.

Trust in the Heart’s energy. Your direct experience of the Spiritual Heart will show you that it is trustworthy. By putting your faith and trust in your own Spiritual Heart, you can more easily leave the suffering of your thoughts and emotions. That which we trust, we connect with and we move closer to.

Your trust is one of your most potent spiritual tools for personal transformation. Use it!

I wish you success on your spiritual journey of awakening. May you be blessed.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    This video challenged me deeply.

    My mind reacted in an interesting way

    There were positive and inspired points as well.

    I also zoned out halfway through. ( I think my concentration is no so strong for this material)

    Thus I have been inspired to read this book

    “How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence” By Michael Pollan

    I am not asking for your permission or your advice, but what say you?

  2. Andreas from Vienna, Austria says:

    Hi Lincoln, good talk about the mind at the beginning, good video!

    Does focus onto the hridayam not hold the danger of congesstion of energy there and damage of the physical heart?

    Do you agree that the inward path and the outward path, the latter understood as yogic penetration of all objects with one’s awareness must lead to the same goal?


  3. Andreas says:

    Hi Lincoln!

    Does focus on the hridayam not hold the danger of energetic congestion and physical damage in the heart? Namaste!

  4. Lincoln says:

    Hello Andreas,

    If a person follows the instructions provided by the Higher Self, then there is no danger and no harm that can come by meditating on the Spiritual Heart (Hridayam).

    If a person alters, modifies or changes the practice, then he/she is not performing a correct Spiritual Heart meditation and is performing something else. Then there is a risk of harm.

    For example, if a person tries to add energy to the chest area to “awaken the Heart”, then he/she is in the personal human mind and thus working in their chakra system. He/she is not interacting with the Spiritual Heart. He/she is interacting with the heart chakra (anahata). Sending too much energy to the heart chakra can cause imabalancing effects on the emotional body, psyche / personality, and physical body.

    When meditating on the Spiritual Heart, we must surrender the thought process, the “mental effort to create something” quality, and the personal “doing” attitude. We must surrender into the state of awareness and continue being that awareness while we focus the awareness of the Spiritual Heart location.

    This will relax, balance and open up the entire chakra system – not concentrate the energy in one location. This will silence the thoughts and reduce the personal mind – feeling the location of consciousness move from the head to the chest. We will notice a reduction of feeling like our personality, an expansion of our state of consciousness, and a feeling of oneness with everything in our perception. There is an expansion – not a concentration of energy – that happens as we meditate on the Spiritual Heart.

    The location of our consciousness does move into the Spiritual Heart area, and away from the head area. However this experience is noticeably different than what happens during emotional energy work, chakra work, etc. The shift in the location of consciousness is perceived differently (because it is different) than sending energy to a location. The experience of what is actually happen will show you the difference and clearly answer the question if there is any harm possible.

    It is very important that a student practices the methods exactly as they are taught, and learns only from a qualified teacher. It may be difficult for a student to perceive and understand at first, but there can be subtle ways an unqualified teacher changes an authentic spiritual practice, thus reducing or removing the benefits, and adding a risk of harm.

    Blessings on your path. Namaste.

  5. Andreas says:

    Thank you Lincol. I have experienced Shaktipat directly from Shiva by meditaion on all spaces, the background of physical things, emotions and thoughts and penetrating these spaces with my awareness. My body is moved by this inflow as yours when you channel.

    Do you agree that the inward path and the outward one, latter understood as yogtic penetration of all that appears and arriving beyond does lead to the same result?

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Andreas,

    I wrote this blog article 7 years ago. It speaks upon your experiences and answer the question you have asked. I wish you happiness and success upon your Spiritual awakening journey. Namaste.

  7. Lincoln says:

    Hello Colin,

    I have nothing to say upon this book because I have never read it and I do not teach about the use of psychadelics.

    If you struggled with the content of this video, then I do recommend that you watch it again. Sometimes the mind resists deeper states of awareness and greater knowledge. Going unconscious or “zoning out” is one form of resistance (air element).

    I wish you success and happiness Colin. Blessings and Love.

    ~ Lincoln

  8. Andreas says:

    Thank you so much, Lincoln!

  9. Andreas says:

    Lincoln, the article is really great, never read something like that. Very precise, intelligent and smart overview!

    1 question and 1 remark:

    Isn’t the hridayam-meditation an i n w a r d practice, as it leads, like the question “Who am I?”, inward? I know that ultimately there is no inward or outward – it is to check my spiritual map.

    Remark: the Shakti coming from above is the Upper Kundalini, the Anugraha Shakti, not the Kundalini from the base of the spine.


  10. Lincoln says:

    Hello Andreas,

    Yes the Spiritual Heart meditation is an inward practice. It silences the mind’s activities and moves the energy of consciousness away from the physical world and inward to the beginning of the mind and eventually beyond the mind.

    It is important to understand that the mind is not an object inside the body. The mind exists in the space of perception. This space is everywhere.

    As the consciousness moves from the head (a limited experience of mind) into the Heart, the experience of mind also expands. Our experience expands and we realize that the individual mind is truly the Universal Mind.

    Yes, there are different “types” of energy moving inside the energy body (kundalini channel, sushumna, chakras, etc). There is energy located inside the root chakra that can flow upwards. This energy is often called Kundalini (authentic Sanskrit meaning is “that which is hidden, such as in a deep cave”). There is also energy that can enter in through the crown chakra from above. I am not aware of a name for this specific energy because I have not searched for a name. This downward flowing energy (crown down) has a very different quality than the upward flowing energy (root up).

  11. Andreas says:

    Thank you so much, Lincoln!

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