The Simple Science of Spiritual Identification – Who you are is what you choose to be

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 3, 2018
Title: The Simple Science of Spiritual Identification – Who you are is what you choose to be
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The Simple Science of Spiritual Identification – Who you are is what you choose to be

You are the consciousness that is experiencing the forms right now. Identification as “being” the forms creates the experience of suffering. When we identify with a form – like an idea, or an emotional feeling or even the body – then we have a stronger experience of that form. The stronger the identification, the stronger the form becomes in our perception and more we feel controlled by that form.

To illustrate this idea…. When we identify with a thought, then that thought becomes important to have, to act upon, to believe as truth, to defend as truth, and to resist changing.

When we identify with an emotion, the stronger we feel it in the body’s energy system, the stronger the emotion affects the body’s nervous system and chemical/hormone systems, and the more the emotion determines our choices and responses to the outside world.

The more we identify with the body, the more the physical experiences of hunger, physical activity, sexual activity, sleep and stress become important in shaping our decisions and actions.

When we identify as being the awareness, then the qualities of emptiness, peace, stillness and silence becomes our experience. As the qualities of awareness increase, the qualities of the forms decrease.

You are free to choose what to identify with. God has given you this freedom. Wisely choosing what you identify with and do not identify with will determine your quality of life and the life experiences you have.

The science is quite simple. Now practice it.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Consiousness says:

    Thank you very much for your channeling and sharing. In the light of this information of just being awareness (and accepting) how can we see making decisions and how do we make a decision? For example taking on a project yes or no, that is offered to us. To make a decision we will indentify ourselves with a certain outcome, a belief we have that we should or want or not want to do? How can we flow with that. thank you

  2. Lincoln says:

    Hello Consciousness, This is a very good question. When a person is truly in the state of being awareness, the creative actions will arise and express naturally, without the personal mind needing to do anything (no thought, no analysis, no opinions, no desires). A deep state of inner knowing will silently guide all choices, actions, and understandings in a situation. This has often been referred to as the experience of God’s Will moving through a person. The human mind has no thoughts; the emotions are still; and a deep knowing within one’s consciousness (felt in the Spiritual Heart) will exist. In that Heart knowing, the expression of the person will be determined. Blessings and Love.

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