Remove Emotional Blocks: What Bothers You Controls You

Friday, February 27th, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 268
Date: February 26, 2015
Title: Remove Emotional Blocks: What Bothers You Controls You
Running Time: 33:52

Remove Emotional Blocks: What Bothers You Controls You

Your mind is yours to create with. How you use your mind determines how you experience your life. Are you using your mind with mastery? Or are you controlled by your emotions?

In this Channel Higher Self video on emotional mastery and the removal of emotional energy blocks, we examine the relationship between your mind and the outside world.

The emotions that you experience are the result of the creative process between your mind and the experiences of the outside world. The ideas you have about the outside world are the causes for your emotions.

Do you think that the world is a dangerous place? Then you will feel the emotion of fear when you are in the world.

Do you think that your friend should make different decisions? Then you will feel the emotions of rejection, distancing or even frustration when you observe your friend creating his/her actions.

Do you think your look unattractive or lack beauty? Then you will feel the emotions of unhappiness, sadness and possibly anger when you see yourself in a mirror or think about your human body.

Our mind is at the center of our emotional experiences. Most people are not using their minds for the highest good. Most people do not understand how their mind is creating their emotions, and how the outside world is controlling how they feel inside.

In this Channel Higher Self video teaching, we break down the process of emotion and emotional energy creation. The direct connection between the mind, it’s idea and judgments, and the external world is examined. You will learn how your mind creates your emotions in response to the external world, and how you can break free from being emotionally controlled by what happens to you in your life.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. todd says:

    I listed 22 things that bother me and 19 of them could me described in one word- cheaters. Even though at first it seemed that they are very different things. So I can’t brush away one thing, later second one , I can brush away only twenty at once. Quite a task..

  2. Lincoln says:

    Excellent Todd. Now look deeper at your self. What about ‘cheaters’ disturbs you? What other thoughts about them do you have? After you see the patterns of thinking in the mind, then you are better able to become free of them. The process of growth comes through knowledge about ourselves to understand ourselves, the application of methods to change ourselves, and then the arrival at the wisdom we gain from our experiences. I wish you the best.

  3. todd says:

    Thank you. The answer could be in Self Importance Stops Progress
    (Monday, January 5th, 2015 chanelling) comments. Please have a look at my comment.

  4. Colin says:

    “What bothers us within our lives? What is it that causes an emotional stir? What is it that causes emotional unhappiness, sadness, frustration, jealousy, anger, lust, disgust, avoidance, and so many things? What is it? We believe within our minds that the world around us puts these emotions inside of us. We become bothered with how the world works. We become bothered by the government. We become bothered by stories upon the news and media. We become bothered by the actions and words spoken by friends and family and perfect strangers. We become bothered by the way people dress. We become bothered by the conditions of the weather. We become bothered by so many things. We become bothered and the world controls our inner emotional state. We want you ,dear ones, to examine this. How often do you believe in your life that someone outside of you is determining how you feel. You hear someone’s words and you become offended. You hear someone’s words and you become hurt. You see someone and you become envious, judging yourself in that moment. How often do you ,dear one, let the outside world determine your internal emotional state? It is a very common experience that nearly every human undergoes. We want you dear ones to realize that you stand at the center of your own creative empowerment. You are the consciousness existing at the center of the universe. The universe exists around you dear ones. You are at the center and forever will be. Your body, your mind, and your emotions, they are close to you and are therefore determined most fully by your creative expression. Yes you will see things in the outside world. Yes you will feel the energies of the world, but these are coming from outside in and the emotions that you create, the thoughts that you create, the actions that you create with your body, they are all coming from the inside out. We often belief that the outside world determines what we do, how we think, and what emotions we feel, but this dear ones is not true. You may believe the outside world creates these within you, but the reality is that you are creating them all the time.”

    -Lincoln the Channel for Higher Self
    Satsang with the Self Video # 268
    Remove Emotional Blocks: What Bothers You Controls You

  5. Colin says:

    This exercise is awesome, but I find that I over think it too much when I do it. Iv’e been keeping this in mind through out the day. What bothers you controls you.

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