Remove Emotional Blocks: Inner Peace Alchemy

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: November 5, 2014
Title: Remove Emotional Blocks: Inner Peace Alchemy
Running Time: 32:08

Remove Emotional Blocks: Inner Peace Alchemy

Learn how to control the earth, water, fire and air energies of your chakra system to master all of your emotional experiences in this Channel Higher Self video.

We all have open energy systems of reception and expression. We take in energies and emotions from the world around us and we express energies and emotions into the world. To live in mastery of your human experience, you must be able to guide your emotions and the elemental energies of your chakras. In this video, we guide the emotions to peace.

In this Channel Higher Self video series you are being taught the mastery of your emotions and human energy system. Now in the 6th video, you are introduced to the alchemical processes happening inside your chakras. Every chakra houses an elemental energy or universal aspect. In the lower 4 charkas we have the 4 elemental energies of creation. Each of these 4 elements creates a range of human emotional experiences. By learning about these elements and your chakras, you will have the tools necessary to work with any emotion and bring in back into the state of peace and balance.

All of the Universe is energy. Mastery comes through awareness and knowledge. This video teaching guides you along one step of this journey towards enlightenment.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    This was great. I actually achieved a great state of peace while listening to this. Then I got taken out of it for some reason. More work to do!

  2. debra says:

    This transforming fire energies…is that also like loops some people fall into passionate fights…making love…continuously cycling of this…doesn’ t feel like a healthy alchemy process….what are your perceptions on this subject?

  3. Lincoln says:

    Hello Debra. The patterns that we create in our emotional lives use the emotional energies (earth, water, fire, air), but are not caused by these energies. The patterns are caused by the information in our minds. Our experiences in this world have given us information about who we are and what the world is. This information then determines how we create our lives, subconsciously and consciously. A person will experience patterns (what you call loops) because there is information in the mind that says “life is this way” or “life must be this way” or “people are this way” or “people must be this way” or “I am this way” or “I must be this way”. We are carrying information in our mind that creates our understanding of our life experiences and also creates our responses to our life experiences. To stop the pattern (or loop) there are different methods a person can use. Some of these are the well-known psychology methods that use person-to-person communication and analysis. Other methods use energy manipulation, such as chakra work, pranayama, qi gong, meditation, REIKI, etc. Some use self-analysis. Some us the study of books. Some use affirmation and the power of auto-suggestion. There are many methods that attempt to stop these patterns. In every case, the information that is causing the emotional energy creates and physical behaviors must be changed or removed. The information in the mind is the origin of this energy patterns.

    My own understanding of life is that people are creating the experiences in their lives exactly as they need to. If a person is creating emotional / behavioral patterns that are causing suffering to themselves or to others, then this person is still learning how to become a more successful creator. No other person is putting words in our mouths. No other person is animating our bodies or creating our chakra energies. We are the creators, consciously or subconsciously.

    The deeper reality is that no person wants to suffer; every person wants happiness. We suffer because we do not understand how to create in our minds, emotions or bodies in different ways that will bring us the happiness we desire. We must understand ourselves and how life works, and then change accordingly.

    For example, people will argue passionately (with the fire element) because they are trying to transform the situation. However this type of communication and energy (arguing and emotional fire) may cause suffering and may not bring these people to their desired outcome. In this case, both people must think about their experiences and change their expressions in order to reach a different outcome. Both people must be conscious enough in the moment that the pattern of arguing is arising to stop themselves, close their mouths and stop talking, calm their emotional energies (fire), create peace, and then reengage in the communication in a different way. Changing one’s thinking as well as one’s emotional energies in that moment will then create the possibility of a new outcome that is more satisfactory.

    We cannot act the same way and expect a new outcome. We must change ourselves and then a new outcome will arise.

    The energies of life are not at fault for our suffering. Our own self is causing the suffering. A person must accept responsibility for who they are as creators in their lives. This acceptance may create fear initially, but will eventually lead to empowerment. An empowered person knows that he or she is at the center of the Universe and create the change that they desire to experience in their lives.

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