Psychology for the Awakened – How the Mind Works

Monday, June 6th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 6, 2011
Title: Psychology for the Awakened – How the Mind Works
Running Time: 41:37
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Psychology for the Awakened – How the Mind Works

Psychology for the Awakened is a video mini-series created by Channel Higher Self to teach an understanding of human psychology gained by living in the awakened state. This mini-series of videos you help you to gain greater mastery over your mind, emotions and personal self. Achieve a better understanding of the process of spiritual purification, psychological self-healing, and ego transcendence or enlightenment.

How the Mind Works is the third video in the Psychology for the Awakened mini-series. This video examines the four layers of the human mind: unconscious mind, subconscious mind, conscious mind, and super conscious mind. In most humans, the first three layers of mind are in constant operation and interaction. Only in more spiritually awake humans does the super consciousness state operate.

In this Higher Self teaching you will not only understand that qualities of the unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and super conscious mind, but you will also be taught how to find the location of these different layers of mind in your own human energy system and brain. When each layer of your mind is in operation, a region of your energy system is illuminated by your attention and you will feel it’s attractive pull in your awareness. By closely observing this energetic process within you, you will be able to most accurately track the pathway of your creative energy as it travels through your mind, brain and body to activate the various layers of your mind. Giving yourself this knowledge will allow you to completely purify your subconscious mind, transform your unconscious mind into consciousness, and transcend your human limitations by awakening the super consciousness state within you.

All of life is energy and as we gain deeper awareness of and greater understanding of our energy system, we progress towards becoming awakened human beings – Buddhas, Krishnas, Christs, Taoists – in this world. Awakening / enlightenment is the process of bringing conscious awareness into unconscious and subconscious areas of our mind and human energy system. This video will provide the framework to help you achieve this spiritual goal.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, you really helped to clear up some things for me! I have been living a lot more in conscious awareness. Practicing awareness has really helped me to remain conscious more. I feel that I am spending less time suffering in my subconscious or better yet, an unconscious state, where my thoughts flit about. I notice how my energy moves and feels when I do not pay attention and float back into my subconscious state. I immediately move back into a state of conscious awareness. It no longer takes me much time to realize that I have moved out of where I want to be! I feel it and immediately know it. I do not like the way it feels. It causes pain and suffering that I do not have living in conscious awareness.

    You mentioned again in your video that we only need to surrender and allow because Higher Self will be our Guide. I have been doing this and I am much more aware of Higher Self guiding me. Now, I can ask and Higher Self always answers. In the past, I would ask, but did not hear Higher Self’s answer because I was not tuned in and living through my egoic mind. I am continuing on my Spiritual Journey of Love and surrender while being focused on living in awareness and living in-tuned with Higher Self’s gentle guidance!

    You gave us a clear description in your video about how we exist focused in our forehead regions in subconscious thoughts. You mentioned that there is a higher state of Being, which is in the conscious state, but the highest state is in the Super Conscious state of Awareness. You mentioned that we should focus backward from what we are used to doing and start at our Spiritual Heart, then let everything flow from there. The most recent guidance that I have received from Higher Self on my Spiritual Journey has been exactly this, to focus on my Spiritual Heart and let it flow from there. Live in awareness and the purification process of the mind will naturally continue. Higher Self is guiding me to remain focused on silence, stillness, peace, and the greatest of all Love…our true Essence! I am learning about All That Is, Being-ness, This, the I Am.

    Thank you for sharing your Love and being our Spiritual Teacher!



  2. Judy says:

    Lincoln, thank you for this video series. This particular one has really increased my understanding, as you described the process. Thank you so much for all the wonderful videos you have so generously made available here to anyone looking for answers. Your website is a spiritual goldmine.

    Love & Peace,

  3. Wynona says:

    This helped me so much. I have become much more sensitive to the energy within my body, but this is the first time I actually focused on and felt the strength and pull of the energy within my head, fueling my subconscious and conscious awareness. Now it is going to be much easier to direct this energy into my spiritual heart because I can FEEL when it is being directed upwards. I am really looking forward to trying your new spiritual heart meditation cd and will probably order it this weekend when I am at my parents’ house! Blessings and Love 🙂

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