More Important than Anything You Do or Create is the Experience of Yourself

Friday, December 20th, 2019
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: December 3, 2019
Title: More Important than Anything You Do or Create is the Experience of Yourself
Running Time: 27:57

More Important than Anything You Do or Create is the Experience of Yourself

You are God Consciousness creating in the eternal present moment. For eternity you are this present moment experience of life. You are Intelligence, Awareness and Energy. You experience the forms of life inside of your consciousness. You experience yourself having the creative power to change these forms of life. As you create, you experience yourself as God.

As human beings, we often believe that the Purpose of Life is to create experiences that will make us happy. It is natural to seek happiness in life. At higher levels of wisdom, we discover what true happiness is.

Join this higher dimension channeled message by the Higher Self Consciousness. Experience the joy of being yourself. Awaken to who you truly are as this eternal present moment experience of creative bliss.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Gene Hoover says:

    This is an amazing video! I found myself upset about this escalation of violence with Iran this morning. I have been avoiding the headlines for almost a year now, but I felt compelled to look. I did exactly as this video instructs and I was completely calm afterwards.

    I plan on doing this practice often. I was already doing the “I am Love” mantra fairly often. And I don’t need to watch this video every day, because it’s basically saying don’t hold back. There are no limits, no restrictions as to the positive and expansive word choice and creative movement. That’s all I have to remember so I can do it without the video playing, although I’m sure I will continue to watch it often.

    To freely choose to change my present moment isn’t to cover up the negative stuff. As Lincoln explains, when these things come up they will be met with infinite love; that’s what they want!. And then they can be released out of my system – or you could say that I will have incorporated these rejected parts back into myself. Some might call this spiritual bypass, but I don’t think so. Well, maybe it is in a way, but not in a bad or destructive way, not in the way that term is typically used. It is not trying to avoid anything. He makes that very clear. Truly between this one practice and meditation it seems to be most of what is needed – at least for me (this expression of Love) at this time.

    Thank You Lincoln!

    Love and Peace,.

    Gene from Olympia

  2. Lincoln says:

    Excellent Gene! I am very happy for you.

    Yes. you are correct. The technique taught in this video is definitely not “spiritual bypass”. There is no avoidance, no denial, and no judgement against any emotion – especially the uncomfortable emotions. There is a direct meeting with the emotion as our awareness is fully present feeling what is within the body and psyche. We meet our body and psyche will total acceptance of what is and we hold the energy of our Spiritual Heart’s unconditional love for what is.

    We do not use thoughts to analyze the emotion or control the emotion. There is no thought energy to try to change what we are feeling. There is no mind, only Heart creating the healing. Unconditional love meets the other emotions and the two become one. Complete love is the end result.

    I have a University degree in psychology and I have seen countless psychology methods (traditional and New Age) that approach psychological and emotional healing from a place of judgement and control. These usually create and reinforce a struggle within oneself as the mind battles against itself. We judge our past and parts of ourselves as bad or wrong and then retaliate by trying to “heal” ourselves. But this approach of “healing” does not create healing. It is an act of separation the causes more suffering as we reject our own mind and body.

    I have witnessed other spiritual teachings that encourage a person to cover over their emotions with feel-good words or ideas. The hope that the old emotions will simply disappear if we try hard enough to convince ourselves of some ideal spiritual ideas. This too doesn’t work.

    The only way to heal is to bring our conscious self into the suffering, meet it with the energy of unconditional love from our Hearts and the wisdom of acceptance, non judgement and higher knowledge.

    We are here to lean how to live in harmony with God’s design of this perfect Universe. We are here to learn how a Universe can exist for eternity – how the laws that govern it are so perfect. We are here to remember how to live as God Consciousness ourselves.

    Thank you for your comment Gene. I wish you peace, happiness and love in every part of your reality.

  3. Eugene (Gene) Hoover says:

    Thank you Lincoln for your generous and thoughtful reply! I continue to listen to and benefit from this video. Gene

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