Mind Mastery: Awaken to Your Source Light

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: August 12, 2015
Title: Mind Mastery: Awaken to Your Source Light
Running Time: 33:51

Mind Mastery: Awaken to Your Source Light

Beyond the depth of your mind is your Source Light of Consciousness. Learn how to experience the deepest dimension of yourself as this Source Light.

Genuine meditation takes our conscious awareness from the outer most human experience to the inner most human experience. In meditation we learn how to quiet, silence and still the acitivieis of our human body, emotional energy system and mind. When the human body is relaxed deep enough, our conscious awareness transcends it and we experience our energy body. When the activities of the energy body are guided to stillness, we transcend it and experience our mental body. When the mind is silenced, we transcend our personal human self and awaken to the Source Light of Consciousness.

This Source Light of Consciousness is the deepest part of you. It is the unlimited dimension of awareness, creative energy and intelligence.

You are this Source Light here and now. The physical, emotional and mental dimensions exist within this Source Light. With genuine meditation these 3 dimensions of form-based experience are removed and your Source Light shines in totality.

Watch this Channel Higher Self video to awaken to more of who you are as this Source Light. Directly experience the deepest aspect of yourself in this Reality that you call life. Stop the activities of your mind and you will transcend all forms to enter this original state of being. Learn mind mastery and awaken to your total reality.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. michael says:

    Thank you very much Lincoln

  2. Serguei says:

    Hello Lincoln, thanks for publishing!

    If I understand, just the practice of focusing on my heart and being aware will bring spiritual progress, right? (daily with the right diet etc..)

    Once I choose this method, is “Kundalini” rising still relevant or is it the same thing?

    Much Love, always!
    ~ Namaste

  3. Lincoln says:

    Hello Serguei. Yes, meditating on the Spiritual Heart properly is a single method that will take a person the full distance to genuine spiritual enlightenment. I recommend this video to learn how more about this method: How the Higher Self wants you to meditate.

    The kundalini energy will undergo it’s proper transformation and awakening naturally. The person mind does not need to manipulate this energy for awakening. Trust that the Will of God will guide us when we align ourselves properly.

    Blessings and Love

    ~ Lincoln

  4. Andreas says:

    Hello Lincoln, great Video! But please I am not sure if the goal is the same as in one of your other videos, where we focus on empty space, a method seemingly outward-oriented. Do both methods reach the same goal? Namaste!

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