Just Move Your Awareness – Silencing the Mind the Easy Way

Saturday, May 12th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 10, 2018
Title: Just Move Your Awareness – Silencing the Mind the Easy Way
Running Time: 50:58

Just Move Your Awareness – Silencing the Mind the Easy Way

Countless spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of stopping the thought activity in the mind. However how many people truly experience this state? The importance of a thought-free mind is well known. What is not known, however, is how to stop the thoughts in a truly effective way.

This Higher Self guided meditation will teach you the simplest way to truly stop the thought process while purifying the mind. How we focus our awareness is the key.

Modern day man relies heavily on language. Language – the forms of spoken words and thoughts – is a system of symbols that represent other forms and experiences. We have words for every object that our physical senses perceive, every emotional sensation felt in our bodies, and all the functions of the mind. Yet we commonly forget that words and thoughts are symbols for the real objects and experiences. Language is just a system of symbols.

As human beings, we must train ourselves how to direct our awareness away from the forehead, the location where we experience thought, and into other parts of the human body. Simply by changing where we focus our awareness, we can stop the thought process instantly. As long as we maintain this new location of focus, the thoughts will stay silent.

Sounds simple enough, right? Watch this video to learn why we continue to return to focusing on the thoughts, why our ego continues to pull us back into it, and why a truly silent mind has been difficult for many people to experience.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Aranka Shkolnikov says:

    I love your message…even when I am in an impatient mode, I sit and listen, and feel so much better in 10-15 minutes of listening.
    Thank you.

  2. Andreas says:

    Hi LIncoln, would you say that formless Ultimate Awareness does not know itself? Does it really need forms to know itself? Namaste!

  3. Lincoln says:

    The Unmanifest God Consciousness is not having an experience, even though it exists. You can understand this by thinking about your experience when you are in deep dreamless sleep. Your personal consciousness exists but you are not having an experience. Therefore you do not know that you exist or that you do not exist. There is no process of reflection. The thought does not even arise, because that mental quality of the consciousness does not exist in that moment of deep dreamless sleep.

  4. Andreas says:

    Yes, but in dreamless sleep one is not in the ultimate state of turiya, one is in the causal body. Is it really not a strange consideratin that Ultimate Awareness, Sat-Chit-Ananda, Rigpa, does not know that it exists, not via experience of “objects” but by non-dually knowing that IT IS?

  5. Lincoln says:

    Hello Andreas.

    Please read my reply again. I did not say that the dreamless sleep state is the state of Unmanifest Consciousness. By relating an abstract concept that the mind can only imagine, to a personal experience that the mind has witnessed and experienced, a more accurate understanding can be gained.

    Abstraction is a quality of the imagination and as such, has a very high likelihood of error, in addition to other significant limitations. It is very common in philosophical schools of spirituality that abstract concepts are given a high degree of importance. Teachers and students rely heavily on thought, logic, concepts and imagination and have difficulty experiencing beyond the human mind. They theorize and debate, spending time in the human mind, rather than working to experience beyond it. The more human intelligence a person has, the more esteemed he or she becomes, regardless of their actual experiences of spiritual transcendence.

    In my own experience, no, it is not strange that the Absolute is having an experience of existence and non-existence. There must be a foundation for this entire manifest experience that is different than everything that the manfiest forms are. It is only through differences that an experience in perception occurs.

    I can understand how for the human mind, this concept of Unmanifest Consciousness is strange. The mind itself is manifest, has it’s existence and purpose within manifestation, and can only conceptualize what it can imagine or remembers.

    To help the mind, examine the concept that existence is different than perception. Like in deep sleep, we continue to exist while we are not having a perceptual experience. This is why I put for this example in my first reply.

    I can recommend studying the concept of Sat Chit Ananda from a person or ancient text that examines each of these qualities in specific. Sat-Chit-Ananda is not the Ultimate state. Sat-Chit-Ananda are the qualities of the Self. Sat-Chit-Ananda are descriptions for something that is ultimately beyond description.

    Sat = Existence or Truth (that which always is and is never not). Chit = Consciousness / Awareness. Ananda = Creative Energy.

    It is from Sat that Chi and Ananda are created. It is within that Existence that Consciousness (Chit) and Energy (Ananda) will arise. The interaction of Consciousness (Chit) and Energy (Ananda) is the source of the manifest experience. These two qualities are found within Sat (Existence) and can lay dormant within the Sat. This dormant state has no awareness and no forms to be aware of.

    I hope that my information helps you to find clarity in the concepts of your own mind. Remember, as well, that the concepts are part of the human mind. We must strive to experience beyond it. Blessings and Love.

    ~ Lincoln

  6. Andreas says:

    Thank you Lincoln for your wise answer. There are only few teachers, one of them Mooji, who say that there is something beyond Sat-Chit-Ananda; but as you – very wisely – state: this are only concepts, concepts which must come to life by experience …

  7. Lincoln says:

    That which is beyond Sat-Chit-Ananda is Sat. Sat is Truth, that which always is and cannot be removed. Sat is an unmanifest Absolute. It is unmanifest because it has always been and nothing has created it.

    From Sat comes Chit (Consciousness/Awareness) and Ananda (Creative Energy). Sat is the “One without a second”, that which has no opposite. Chit and Ananda are the foundation of the manifest experience. I hope that this helps your conceptual map. Namaste.

  8. Andreas says:

    Thank you so much, Lincoln!

  9. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome. Namaste

  10. Andreas says:

    Lincoln, after pondering deeply about what you wrote: please how can one know about existence or non-existence wihtout any AWRENESS of that state which then has to precede that state??!

  11. Lincoln says:

    A person cannot have awareness of the “Sat without Chit Ananda” / Pure Sat state. As I explained before using the example of sleep, there is no awareness and yet we continue to exist. The return to awareness (waking up from sleep) confirms that we exist even when awareness is removed.

    Our Eternal State (Sat) is Truth – meaning it always exists and never will not exist. Awareness (Chit) and the Energy of Creation (Ananda) will exist or not exist. Yet that which is creating Chit and Ananda will always exist even when there is no perception of existence.

    In deep meditation, we can experience the ourselves as the original Sat Chit Ananda state. In it’s fullest expression, it is the dimension of awarness and energy fully united as one – a dimension of Pure Light with no distance between awareness and energy. There is no mind, no personal self, no self-reflection, no idea arising. There is only direct experience with no separation. I AM.

    We can experience beyond this, but we do not have awareness of what happens. There is a lapse in perception / lapse in time. We know we existed during that lapse in perception, because we have returned. In that return we knew we “went” somewhere but do not know where it was.

  12. Andreas says:

    Lincoln, if we existed in the “period” (beyond time) without Awareness, we cannot tell about it, because we had no awareness of existing: http://theawarenessprinciple.blogspot.co.at/ .

  13. Lincoln says:

    This man’s claims that his “Awareness Principle” idea is “a new philosophy” that can be found no where else, is simply false.

    All of the information on his webpage can be found in the earliest philosophical systems in India’s recorded history. These systems became the basis for Buddhist, Advaitist, Yogic, and Tantric philosophies. In addition, even the Greek’s Metaphysics philosophy taught by Aristotle presented these exact same concepts.

    In addition to what he claims, there are logical inconsistencies and experiential falsities in his information.

    We must be very cautious in our spiritual path to not make logic and reason more important that perceptual experience. The logical human mind can only understand within it’s own limitations… logic is a limited system.

    Modern day man worships information and therefore stays within the limitations of the human conceptual mind – which is essentially a physical dimension experience.

    If we truly desire to awaken, we must not allow ourselves to get stuck in the thought process with personal identification with logical concepts.

  14. Andreas says:

    Thanks for your considerations, Lincoln! I highly appreciate them!

  15. Nikola says:

    I find the line of thought that we know we existed in deep sleep exclusively only because we woke up difficult to believe.

    It is one reason that comes from logic, but is not the only one.
    The only reason why dreamless sleep is not the ultimate Turya state is because in that state there is strong ignorance covering the awareness of Self. Not because there is lack of objects to be reflected upon.

    If the whole point is to experience transit of Ananda and Chit (when they are in their fullness) in Sat and if they were three separate qualities, then the ultimate state would not be permanent because this experience would finish by Chit and Ananda not existing. Which would further mean that it is not superior than any other state, and this is in fact proclaimed by all ancient spiritual texts.

  16. Lincoln says:

    Hello Nikola. The example that I used was chosen to illustrate a specific idea. Your statements are not related to the context of the conversation that Andreas and I were having.

  17. Nikola says:

    Hello Lincoln.

    No, my statements were related because are saying that perception is there regardless of forms/objects and emptyness/void/silence as well.

    “Lincoln, after pondering deeply about what you wrote: please how can one know about existence or non-existence wihtout any AWRENESS of that state which then has to precede that state??!”

    So my comment was saying that one knows through awareness and that it is not that there is no awareness, but it’s covered by ego. Or in deep sleep when there is no ego, there is ignorance/darkness.
    The problem is that we can not grasp that the Self can not be touched or seen, so we are looking to create it, and this creations are of course temporary.

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