Heal Deep Spiritual Suffering – Feeling Abandonment from God

Monday, January 3rd, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 90
Date: January 2, 2011
Title: Heal Deep Spiritual Suffering – Feeling Abandonment from God
Running Time: 40:15
Parts: 5

Heal Deep Spiritual Suffering – Feeling Abandonment from God

The deepest wound in the personal self is the belief that we have been abandoned by God. Humanity believes that God is separate and outside of themselves, that God is distant from this world, and that we are being punished by our Creator God for our mistakes, misdeeds, and sins. So much of humanity’s suffering and confusion is built around this core belief that we have been abandoned by God. But is this belief and feeling that God abandoned us accurate and true? Can this belief be supported by actual evidence? Or is humanity needlessly creating their own suffering and dis-empowerment?

The core belief of separation from God causes severe mental and emotional suffering, depression and hopelessness, even leading to disease, suicide, violence and wars. Feeling abandoned by our Creator God can make life seem like a meaningless struggle with unattainable goals. You will learn that the belief of abandonment from God is so strong within us, that it affects our emotions and even how we perceive our self and this world.

In this Higher Self video, we examine our feeling of abandonment from God and share spiritual tools to remove this deep cause of pain and suffering and to awaken inside of you your eternal connection to God. Learn that God has never abandoned you or any part of His Creation. Learn that the Light of God has always been shining inside each and every one of us. We have been the ones who have turned our back on God and His Light. In this Higher Self video you will learn how to turn and face the Light of God within and to remove the false belief that God has abandoned us and this world.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, at times I catch myself falling back into habitual thoughts, but when I refocus on my spiritual heart it seems to wonderfully remove the pain I felt from my egoic thoughts of pain and suffering. This is what Higher Self discussed in this message that I found helpful. I have found that with focus on my spiritual heart I can readily connect to a state of awareness and peace. I can feel the Love Energy radiating in me, through me into the world and surrounding my entire being. It feels like the Love Energy grows stronger the more that I focus on my spiritual heart.


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