Dive into your Spiritual Heart. Meditation for Peace, Bliss and Love.

Saturday, July 19th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: July 19, 2014
Title: Dive into your Spiritual Heart. Meditation for Peace, Bliss and Love.
Running Time: 23:34

Dive into your Spiritual Heart. Meditation for Peace, Bliss and Love.

Your spirit enters your human being in the center of the aura, mind, chakra system and body. This original location is called the Spiritual Heart. Be guided on a 20 minute meditation into your Spiritual Heart, giving you higher dimension experiences of bliss, peace and Love.

Our deepest truth is that we are Consciousness, Intelligence and Energy. This is experienced as awareness, knowledge and blissful Love. We experience our Self the strongest when we meditate on our Spiritual Heart – the original doorway through which our Self enters this human reality.

The Spiritual Heart is located at the center of ourselves. It is the first energy center in the mental body, located at the center of the aura. The Self radiates its Consciousness, Intelligence, and Energy from this center to create the aura and to bring the body to animate life. All genuine spiritual paths teach that the Heart is where we find our deepest knowledge, greatest happiness and ultimate truth. They teach that in the Heart we find God Consciousness.

In this 20 minute Channel Higher Self video you will be led on a spiritual journey into the center of yourself – to experience your Spiritual Heart and Eternal Self. Many long periods of silence are provided, helping you to greatly deepen your meditation so that you can create breakthroughs on your spiritual path. This is a powerful meditation that uses Higher Self energy to take you further than you’ve been before. Use it and benefit from it.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Another great video, thank you for sharing your truth with us uplifting all that watch them.

    Are you in the same state of consciousness whether or not you are in meditation; is your mind just as quiet? Is the goal to be constantly in this state of meditative awareness?

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Lincoln says:

    Hello Nicole. When I channel in these videos I enter deeper into the state of Higher Self Consciousness than during my ordinary state of being, however I am always living in the state of Higher Self Consciousness. By shifting my attention deeper in my Spiritual Heart and away from the senses of the world, I connect more strongly to the Higher Self.

    My mind has zero thoughts while I communicate from the Higher Self state. All personal thoughts stop and the Higher Mind flows through me, without any sounds in my mind. I am in a state of knowing, which usually includes internal visions of the subjects being discussed. I also clearly feel the nonphysical energy and understand the consciousness of the subject(s).

    In my daily life, I do have random thoughts arise in my mind, but only when my mental concentration waivers. If I am focuses on a task, whether meditation, work or a conversation, I have no thoughts arise. I am fully present with the experience (a samadhi experience).

    A constant experience of meditative awareness is one goal of the spiritual path, however this is only a beginning state. There are deeper and more powerful states to arise, including deep peace, emotional stillness, mental silence, awakened Spiritual Heart of Divine Love, ecstatic bliss, Universal Mind, and God Consciousness. Meditation takes a person very deep into the Reality of one’s Self. Awareness is the path that leads to all other realizations.

    Blessings and Love.

    is very quiet

  3. Nicole says:

    Lincoln: Thank you so much for your reply. It is all helpful and sure to all those that read it as well, contributing to a more complete knowledge.


  4. Brendan says:

    Hey a Lincoln, quick question in relation to the same thread. Would you say that you are Christ conscious or just on the path to reaching Christ consciousness?. Also, unemployed for the last six mths,waiting for Devine guidance on what way to go next. Any tips on how I can get velar guidance on this. It will become a problem if I don’t figure something out soon. I would love to do work that makes my heart soar everyday.

    Thanks for honestly sharing your experience. It helps all truth seekers out there.

    Brendan (Ireland)

  5. Lincoln says:

    Hello Brendan. The answer to your question depends on how you define the term ‘Christ Consciousness’. There are many different definitions for this term. Please define this term for me and then I can answer you.

    I work with people in personal one-on-one Higher Self channeling sessions to help them with life situations and challenges, such as finding employment. The Higher Self has insights that often the human mind has not yet reached. These can help shift the thinking and actions of the human, bringing them closer to their goals. Also, the Higher Self energy delivered in these sessions is highly transformational and accelerates all areas of personal growth and self-mastery. I work on Skype and telephone. Contact me if you are interested in scheduling.

    If you are sincerely desiring employment and are not finding any opportunities, then you are likely blocking your success with various beliefs and emotional energies – which you may or may not be aware of. Perhaps you don’t know what you want to create. Your inner lack of clearly will create an unclear Universe around you. Or maybe you express negative judgements against jobs, working society, money, etc. These beliefs and associated energies will push away a job and income.

    The Universe is always responding directly to what we are expressing from our minds, emotions and body’s actions. The Universe does not hold confusion and distortion. The human being is what does. If we are not getting the results we desire in life, then we must look to ourselves to examine what we are creating as our version of reality. I can help with this process of clarity and transformation. My videos serve this purpose. My personal sessions take it to a greater depth.

    I wish you the best Brendan.

  6. sue says:

    absolutely lovely as usual.. beautiful… many blessings and gratitude for your teachings Lincoln… peace and love…

  7. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Sue. Namaste.

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