Dissection of your Spiritual Self – Examination of Original Energy

Sunday, February 19th, 2017
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 308
Date: January 28, 2017
Title: Dissection of your Spiritual Self – Examination of Original Energy
Running Time: 17:27

Dissection of your Spiritual Self – Examination of Original Energy

Your deepest self is aware, intelligent and creative.  Receive a channeled teaching on the original creative energy of your deepest self.

The 4th video in the Channel Higher Self mini-series Dissection of your Spiritual Self examines the 3rd and final quality of your deepest state of spiritual consciousness – original energy.

Every human being is a combined experience of spiritual consciousness, mind, emotional energy, and physical body.  The spiritual consciousness is our deepest state of existence.  At this deepest level, we are the awareness, intelligence and creative energy that is manifesting our own existence.   If any of these 3 qualities are removed, your existence would not be possible.  All 3 qualities exist in a single state and cannot be separated.

Remove your quality of awareness and your existence ends.  There is nothing to perceive, therefore there is no perception of your own being.

Remove your quality of intelligence and your existence ends.  There is no knowledge and recognition of anything, therefore you do not know that you or anything else exists.

Remove your quality of original energy and your existence ends.  Without energy nothing can manifest.  There is nothing to perceive and nothing to know.

All 3 qualities must exist and do exist as long as a being of consciousness is having an experience.

Discover yourself at the deepest level of existence and awaken to a state of peace, freedom, happiness and knowledge that transcends the human world.  Awaken to your spiritual self as a direct experience and gain the enlightenment that all genuine spiritual paths lead to.  Let this channeled Higher Self video teach support you on your spiritual journey towards enlightenment.

Blessings and Love.

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One Comment

  1. Christer Lindh says:

    There is gratefulness.
    From 1998 I had a clear awareness of presence in mind/brain area
    First 10 years later I also had a more subtle awareness of presence i my stomach area. At this time there was also awareness of presence in my heart area.
    2017 I asked Atmananda, Rishikesh, about this. He agreed that there are levels of presence.
    So for me it seems the key word is “presence”, an energy experience.

    I came across your existence this year only.
    I am very happy for that.
    It is easy to relate to “awareness, intelligence, energy”.

    My question is:
    Is there a pure awareness presence and a pure intelligence presence?

    much love
    Stockholm, Sweden

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