Stop Self-Sabotage to Successfully Achieve Your Goals & Greatness

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 161
Date: May 10, 2012
Title: Stop Self-Sabotage to Successfully Achieve Your Goals & Greatness
Running Time: 39:22
Parts: 4

Stop Self-Sabotage to Successfully Achieve Your Goals & Greatness

Do you struggle to reach your goals? Do you have low self-esteem, yet want to be different? So many people have thoughts that work against their success. There are many ways to remove self-sabotage and low self-esteem. The Higher Self way uses skillful self-examination and unconditional love.

In this Higher Self video teachings you will learn why psychological patterns of self-sabotage and low-self esteem exist. Sometimes they are a product of our childhood, our parenting, the media and social conditioning. Sometimes they are carried forward from past lives. Sometimes that are put in place by our own soul, specifically for this lifetime’s growth.

You will also be given a process for skillful self-examination so that you can create an accurate self-image. For genuine healing and transformation to happen honest and accurate self-examination is necessary. Without this, our efforts to change will be rooted in denial and repression, as the ego projects a new fantasy onto our underlying suffering.

Finally you will be taught more about your own conscious powers of creativity and how you have had since birth all the tools necessary to change your life into the one your soul intends to create.

May this Higher Self teaching give you the knowledge and tools necessary, helping you to develop the skills and excellence for you to accomplish your dreams in this world.

Many blessings and much Love!

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Part 2

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Part 4

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  1. Lee says:

    You know what the best thing about this is, Lincoln? The energy that you, yourself are emanating here solves everything anyway…

    Quite apart from the very useful and insightful words, that beautiful Love, the pure, innocent compassion and spiritual happiness which transmits from you in this video set is itself, literally, a darshan.

    That spirit, by itself, being awakened in another merely because they can spiritually see it in you, solves everything automatically, because it contains everything. With that radiantly beautiful, simple Love, no one can ever fail.

    I see, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have, in your mere presence, what is actually the very greatest kind of spiritual power. Those who have eyes to see (with their heart) will spiritually progress light years merely by looking at you.

    Thank you for being yourself, as-you-are, for making the reality of God so very obvious.

    I see you, I know that perfect, non-separate light, and I Love you.

  2. Lincoln says:

    I am happy that you can recognize the deeper teachings that all spiritual masters have communicated throughout history. We are all beings of energy and Light. Every human communicates in many dimensions – matter, emotion, mind and spirit. As we increase our awareness of that which we are, we learn to consciously understand and express in the non-physical dimensions of ourselves.

    When our Higher Self shines through our human being, our words align with truth, our emotions align with Love and our body aligns with peace. In this way we are the human embodiment of our eternal Self.

    May these videos continue to bless you and support you on all levels. Thank you for your comment. Namaste.

  3. Desi says:

    Thank you Brandon in your second video for vienfyrig my experience of not fighting’ when I was seriously ill with cancers. Not fighting’ is not the same as lying down and accepting defeat/the inevitable. It is about being present in the moment and doing what needs to be done. When you are ill, if treatment is what you need, get it if you can. If rest is the only thing you feel you can do right then, rest, if you feel like a bit of a walk’ do that, maybe not a marathon. That is not the same as being lazy either it’s being present and true to yourself. Not resisting allows frees up more energy for the body to get on and do its healing work and also allows any treatment to be more effective and in my case to do less peripheral harm.We each carry with us always our own inner child. The one that was so weak that it had to be nurtured, carried, cleaned and clothed but by degrees through our innate desire to develop and go forward through life, we learned to focus, crawl, feed ourselves, walk, run and to be independent. That same part of our being that we still have deep inside can carry us through beyond illness and almost anything if that is our destiny.My life is now more full of love and delightful activity and more wonderful than I could have dreamed possible and the most beautiful things that have happened in my life have come as a direct result of being so tired, unwell and vulnerable.Several years have passed and I still continue to get better.I would rather be alive and as well as I am now, to be able to love and be loved, than with due respect, dead and admired for my fighting spirit.Thank you for all the joy, wisdom and friendship that you and my Journey friends have brought me over the years.With love and gratitude, Duncan

  4. Jah says:

    Thank you, Lincoln.

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