Looking at the Human Experience from a Spiritual Perspective

Saturday, January 28th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: January 28, 2012
Title: Looking at the Human Experience from a Spiritual Perspective
Running Time: 30:30
Parts: 3

Looking at the Human Experience from a Spiritual Perspective

Shift how you view your human lifetime. See your life from your eternal consciousness, your spiritual soul. Learn how to understand your life purpose and soul’s plan, by connecting more deeply within yourself.

In this Higher Self video we present overview of the human experience, looking at many areas of human life. Insight is shared and advice is given to help you create a more enjoyable experience. By viewing your life the same way your soul sees it, you can experience more peace and happiness while you accomplish more goals.

The emotions are examined as you learn how to consciously create you emotions at will. This will help eliminate uncontrolled emotional reactions, and bring you more joy and love.

The source of personal happiness is examined. Useful information is given to help you find your life purpose and soul’s plan. Advise is shared to make creating your life purpose much easier and enjoyable.

The information is in this video teaching serves as an opening to the deeper Higher Self Teachings. If you find this video enjoyable and helpful, please view other Channel Higher Self videos that share in-depth information and spiritual practices to assist your soul’s evolution. With over 1,200 videos there are many topics to explore in greater depth.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Judy says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    Very interesting! I have a question. So, might it be correct to say that some souls are on the earth for the purpose of awakening, while others are here to simply experience and play a role, even if that role would be seen as evil in the eyes of most people in a relative sense? Nondual teachers say there is no good/evil, and such, and they also say that everything is perfect as it is, but they never explain why, or maybe choose to not explain why. It makes much more sense to me to understand the big picture in order to truly surrender and accept life as it is, as that seems to be the key – surrender. Thank you for all your help.


  2. Lincoln says:

    Try to see earth life as a learning experience for every soul. It is not that some souls incarnate to “be bad people”, rather due the level of the souls’ development the choices that these souls makes are driven by selfishness, fear, insecurity, etc…. all energies based on the experience of being separate from God and each other, and identification with the human body as their total self.

    Then all the souls are co-creating this human experience, providing challenging situations for growth, as every soul gains more knowledge about who they are and what life is.

    Yes, non-dual teachers have the understanding themselves that all is one. But someone not at this level of understanding experiences life as duality. Keep in mind, that some non-dual teachers are simply repeating a philosophy that may give their mind comfort and peace. Yet these non-dual teachers have never personally experienced the true non-dual state, where all layers of the individual self become the Universal All-That-Is. The mind can understand theory and it will create changes in experience. However the depth of the experience will happen beyond all thoughts.

    To surrender properly, we must know what we are surrendering to and why we are surrendering. Some people follow non-dual teachings as a psychological subconscious avoidance technique which frees them from responsibility. The popular teaching of “being a witness” has the potential to become a psychological avoidance / escapism technique. As do some other popular theoretical concepts.

    A true non-dual teacher will not hold onto the witness state as a from of safety. A true non-dual teacher will give up all fear, all desire for personal control, and surrender into the flow of the present moment awareness. The goal is complete and total purification of the mind, which is experiences as no thoughts whatsoever. The deeper the inner silence and unconditional blissful love, the deeper the spiritual development.

    Any person can speak beautiful words. Only a truly awakened person can have a silent mind and be free from identification with concepts.

    Blessing and Love,

    ~ Lincoln


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