Higher Self Guided Healing of Others with Spiritual Heart Energy

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 5, 2015
Title: Higher Self Guided Healing of Others with Spiritual Heart Energy
Running Time: 31:05

Higher Self Guided Healing of Others with Spiritual Heart Energy

This is the 2nd of 2 videos guiding you in channeled Higher Self energy healing. This 2nd video teaches you how to channel Divine Love energy in harmony with God’s Will to heal other people.

We are all united with each other as co-creative beings in God’s Universe. As a universal community, at times we are able to support others in their path of spiritual awakening. Acting as a channel for God’s Love and Light is one way that we can directly assist others.

We can channel energy through ourselves to reduce the pain and suffering of others. We can channel energy to expand the consciousness and increase the vibration of others. We can act as messengers of God’s Will to assist in the awakening of all beings everywhere.

In this unique Channel Higher Self video, you will be guided in a process of energy channeling, whereby you can use your own body and energy system to channel energies directly from God Consciousness to help others.

There are very specific principles that must be honored and followed to this type of energy healing to be correct and effective. One’s own personal will must be aligned with God’s Will. One’s own person ego must be surrendered to allow God to work through one’s self. To be effective, the channel must keep one’s attention focused on God Consciousness within one’s Spiritual Heart. One must truly Love God with all of one’s self to be given these healing energies for another.

Please watch this video from start to finish, understanding the core ideas that your mind must accept to become a conscious channel of God’s Love and Light. There are many frequencies of energy that can be channeled, but the highest come only from God.

May we all awaken mankind to our true reality as children of Love and Light, as children of the Most High Creator God.

Watch the 1st video in this 2-part series here: https://channelhigherself.com/videos/satsang-with-the-self/higher-self-guided-self-healing-with-spiritual-heart-energy/

More Higher Self channeled guided meditations are available for download at http://www.higherselfteachings.com/

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Renate says:

    Thank you Lincoln! Very good video! I have been doctor for several years, and in my daily life I saw so many diseases, where the traditional medicin is helpless, or it works while the patients take the medicin. And once you stop it, the symptoms came back. It was also so evident to the children. That actually they reflect the situation in their family – stress, fear, insecurity. It is allmost impossible to cure the diseases, when there is this “terrain” – with so many polluted emotions. Thank you again Lincoln! This is what I was searching for years!

  2. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome Renate. Yes, you are exactly correct. There is more to our illnesses and suffering than physical imbalances. Modern day medicine is largely ignorant of the emotional, mental and spiritual factors within illness. Only by examining, understanding and healing the entire human being (mind, emotions, and body) can illness be truly removed. I, too, have seen countless situations where people temporarily reduce the physical signs of illness, later to have the illness return. This is because the body was never restored to true health and the mind and emotions were never adequately addressed.

    We are all multidimensional beings. Our illness begins in our minds, through a disconnection with our Source Consciousness. When we feel separate from Source, then we experience our first suffering and the creation of our first illness. https://channelhigherself.com/videos/satsang-with-the-self/heal-deep-spiritual-suffering-feeling-abandonment-from-god/ This core wound then opens us to experience all other forms of suffering and their subsequent forms of illness.

    When we know that we are One with Source, then we are never alone, never afraid, never envious, never jealous, never angered, never saddened, and never lost. Every experience is a gift and a blessing as Source Consciousness is constantly manifesting before us, inviting us to co-create with It. The forms will continue to appear and disappear in countless cycles of birth and death. Yet throughout all changes the one underlying truth will always be felt within our Hearts. All is One and I Am That.

    Thank you Renate for your deep insights. May you be blessed and may all that receive your care be blessed with God’s Light and God’s Love.

  3. rose ma rain says:

    Thank you again Lincoln. You are an excellent guide and teacher.

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