Forgive Yourself to Go Forward to God

Friday, February 25th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 101
Date: February 24, 2011
Title: Forgive Yourself to Go Forward to God
Running Time: 27:44
Parts: 3

Forgive Yourself to Go Forward to God

Forgiveness has always been a primary part of spirituality. Forgiving our self and forgiving others frees us from our past attachments that often prevent spiritual growth. Forgiveness frees us from identification with our ego that judges, condemns, holds grudges, and creates limitation. Forgiveness opens our Heart and allow us to Love more fully.

In this Channel Higher Self video we examine the popular, but often misunderstood, spiritual concept of forgiveness. We learn what true forgiveness means. We learn about the intimate relationship between forgiveness and self love. We learn about how the ego prevents true forgiveness by placing conditions on our Love and acceptance of others and our self.

Forgiveness has a very important place in spirituality and God-Realization. When correctly understood and applied in our own lives, forgiveness gives us the freedom necessary to move forward in life towards greater happiness and ultimately God. Free yourself from your past; free yourself yourself from your ego; free yourself from your pain and suffering and move forward.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, this message from Higher Self made me aware of how often I am unforgiving. At times I allow my egoic mind to let certain thoughts back in that make me feel separate from Love. (I am happy to say that these thoughts do not ‘overwhelm’ me as they did in the past…and they are a lot less frequent! This has been since following your teachings and meditations from Higher Self.) I have realized that some of the negative thoughts that I allow back in are due to my own lack of forgiveness. I think that sometimes I slip back into my ‘old way’ of habitual and conditioned thinking. I practice focus on my breathing and Spiritual Heart, which helps me to experience more Love, Peace and Joy.

    Forgiveness makes me feel free from burdens and baggage that I had been carrying around from the past. Now since following the teachings of Higher Self, if I focus on these thoughts for even a minute, then I notice an unpleasant feeling of pain and suffering. I am learning to let go of these thoughts and focus my attention on my Spiritual Heart of Love throughout my daily activities. Throughout my day I repeat, I Am Love, I Love You and All Is Love. This helps me to focus away from thoughts of unforgiveness or lack. I feel a shift in my energy to a higher vibration when my focus is on Love. Each morning when I wake up, I connect with my Spiritual Heart and focus on being in a state of Awareness of Who I Am and What This Is. It helps me to remember ‘to Love’ and that I Am Love, as the first order of the day. Thanks for this message because it is always beneficial for me to hear one about forgiveness!



    Lincoln Reply:

    This is wonderful Adrienne. Your life is truly becoming the miracle that you always wanted it to be. Please take the time to thank yourself for all the time and energy that you have put into cultivating your self, your peace, your Love, your happiness.

    Please don’t feel bad for the times when the old habits of judgment arise in your mind. These were put here long before you were able to consciously chose to create them. We should not blame ourselves for things in past but rather look to see how we can change our experience here and now. The past cannot be undone. The past serves as a valuable tool to teach us how to better live. When we accept and embrace our past, we free ourselves to create remarkable things in our life.

    Our past does not keep suffering. It is our own self-blame and guilt that keeps us suffering. When we forgive our self, we simply free our self from our own guilt and shame. We do not need to change our past or think we should have, in order to forgive. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and Love.


  2. Wynona says:

    In a past relationship, I struggled with understanding the difference between forgiveness and what I believed was letting someone walk all over me. I feel as though I have forgiven this person’s actions because a lot of the emotional pain I once felt has ceased. But I often question whether I have truly forgiven them because I no longer want them to be to be part of my life. I really wanted to keep them in my life, but I felt as though they were not able to treat me the way I deserved and they were very unreliable due to their emotional instability. I stayed in this situation for a long time, and took it personally when they did not follow through with their commitments. I’m afraid that it is selfish to want something better for myself because if I felt truly fulfilled within myself, their actions would not bother me. I feel conflicted because at the same time, I don’t want to put myself in a situation where someone’s actions are not aligned with love.. I had low self-worth and blamed myself, but I know now that it is not my fault. I’m afraid that they have never taken responsibility for their actions, even though they have told me that they continue to blame themselves. It just seems like they want me around only when it serves themselves.


    Lincoln Reply:

    Forgiveness is true self-Love and Love for others. When we love ourselves enough we stop placing ourselves in situations that cause us suffering. We love ourselves and honor our inner knowing. Sometimes this can upset another person’s ego because their ego benefits from the behaviors of abuse. Always trust your inner knowing and place Love first in your heart and mind.

    Some times after we create change, we must examine our past behaviors to see what was healthy and unhealthy about ourselves. Often a person will re-enter abusive relationships because of loneliness or low self-esteem. We often receive these karmic patterns from our parents and ancestors. When we identify the dysfucction in ourselves, then we must work to remove it. This requires courage, strength and intelligence.

    It looks to me that you have already identified many of your ego’s behavioral patterns and are working to remove them. This is wonderful! Continue to exercise self-Love by honoring your inner intelligence. Blessing and Love always.


  3. Wynona says:

    Thank you so so much. That is just what I needed to hear. I have definitely done a lot of examining of my unhealthy behaviours, and they all arise out of a feeling of being unloved. This relationship has been a huge catalyst for change, and now I am a lot more consciously aware, starting to trust my intuition. The more I realise how loved I truly am, the less I look outside myself. I love your videos and teachings, they are awesome!
    Blessings and love to you also. 🙂


    Lincoln Reply:

    Wonderful! Yes our desire to experience Love is the root of all human desires. Love is the greatest happiness. There are degrees of Love, with the greatest being the Love of Source – which is the energy that is creating Life.

    This is the central teaching of the Higher Self. I have many guided meditations to help you experience more of this Love.

    I wish you the best. Blessings and Love always.


  4. Wynona says:

    In my personal opinion, a God-realized being will never turn their back on another, but will always offer their unconditional love and support, always. In my own life, I have almost never desired to push others away intentionally. In fact, many times in the past I believed I had some kind of defect, because some others would tell me that they loved me, and then at some point they would leave my life and move on. I have come to a great and freeing conclusion, that everyone is the perfect light of God on the inside, and coming into this world as a perfect baby, we are surrounded by human beings who are partially unaware or have forgotten their own light within. We are not always treated by others as we deserve, and over time we develop a sense of self that is reliant on the way others perceive us.
    I feel very free knowing that any time another is angry at me or blames me for their unhappiness, it is because they do not know themselves to be the love and light of God. I feel free because I can feel my own light now, and so I can easily recognize that another’s issues are not my own. A God-realised being does not walk around desiring to take from another being who is struggling within this world. A God-realised being walks around loving life and waits for another to ask of his/her service. And sometimes it is best to just walk away, as a lesson in silence can be a lesson in love.


    Lincoln Reply:



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