Expand Your Energy, Aura & Luminous Egg into Higher Frequencies of Bliss

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: July 19, 2014
Title: Expand Your Energy, Aura & Luminous Egg into Higher Frequencies of Bliss
Running Time: 43:10

Expand Your Energy, Aura & Luminous Egg into Higher Frequencies of Bliss

Be taken on a meditative journey through the layers of your aura and energy system by the Higher Self. This 40 minute guided meditation empowers your mental body, emotional energy body, and physical body with Original Creative Power from Source Consciousness.

We are all multidimensional beings, existing as Spirit in matter. The origin of your Spirit inside your human being is the Spiritual Heart, which exists at the exact center of your aura. From the exact center, your Spiritual Consciousness expands into the mental body to create your personal human self. Your Consciousness then continues it’s expansion process by entering through the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) into the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra), where it sits while you live as a human being. From the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra), your Spiritual Consciousness then moves into all the chakras, where it expands into the brain and central nervous system. Here you then plug into all the organs, glands, muscles and bones. This is the process of your Spirit becoming a material human being.

But there is more! Your Spiritual Consciousness actually expands beyond the physical human body to create the entire aura. The human aura has multiple layers of vibration. The closest layers relate to the physical body, immune system, health and biological energy levels. The middle layers relate to the emotions and personality. The outermost layers hold the information of the mind and the perceptual structures of individual reality.

In this meditation your consciousness will expand to experience all parts of your human energy system and aura – giving you a complete experience of the Luminous Egg, your total human being.

This is a powerful guided meditation that will transform how you know yourself. You are truly a Spirit of pure consciousness, energy, bliss and Love. Awaken to who you are and transcend the limited human self and your worldly conditioning (karma).

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Jah says:

    Thank you Lincoln. This is a powerful experience indeed. This gives the experience of personal boundaries, creating a feeling of safety. The buzzing aliveness of every cell, yet the softness of the energy itself is calming and invigorating. Being able to experience the separate layers of the self is an awakening in itself. I will do this meditation many times. Thank you much.

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