Expand into the Universal Consciousness, the Eternal Self

Saturday, January 14th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: January 14, 2012
Title: Expand into the Universal Consciousness, the Eternal Self
Running Time: 28:40
Parts: 3

Expand into the Universal Consciousness, the Eternal Self

Understanding this moment is the key to awakening to your Universal Consciousness, the eternal Self. Learn how you can spiritually awaken to the greater aspects of yourself in this channeled teaching and empowerment.

In every moment you have always had the potential to experience your Universal Consciousness because the fullness of your self has always been the Universal Consciousness. During our human experience, as we focus on the forms of our inner self and outer world, we keep our awareness focused a limited range of vibration. By learning a simple technique we can quickly and easily shift our awareness to experience our formless awareness that is beyond the human experience. With repeated practice, we can take this experience into the dimension of Universal Consciousness and give ourselves a direct experience of our eternal Self.

This Higher Self video teaching will give you tools and tips on how you can most easily relax into yourself as awareness, remove your attention from the human experience and awaken to the Universal Consciousness that you are. The process is simple to perform, but requires correct knowledge and proper practice.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Colin says:

    So good to have you with us Lincoln.


  2. Chris says:

    Thank you!


  3. Joe says:

    Just watching and listening to you quiets my soul. I am so gratefull
    to you for sharing yourself and your experience with us. I cannot
    describe in words how thankfull I am for what you are doing.


    Lincoln Reply:

    Thank you Joe. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to offer this service. Blessings and Love.


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