Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Feel Love for Everything You See

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 20, 2017
Title: Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Feel Love for Everything You See
Running Time: 40:16

Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Feel Love for Everything You See

God is Love. Everything is Love. You’ve heard this said countless times. Why is it so difficult to feel genuine love? The key lies in your mind. Here is how to feel it!

The purpose of all spiritual practices is to experience more happiness. Love is one of the strongest and highest vibration forms of happiness. The greatest of all types of happiness is Divine Love or the Oneness experience. This is the authentic enlightenment experience.

Without Divine Love and the feeling of Blissful Oneness, spiritual enlightenment is not complete. Without the experience of bliss radiating from our Hearts filling our entire aura of consciousness, enlightenment is still conceptual but not actual. Only when we feel love for everything in our perception can we truly begin know what Divine Love is and what the greatest happiness can become.

Spiritual masters, gurus, teachers and authors have all talked about happiness and love. But how many of them have actually taught you how you can directly experience happiness and love? Because you are watching this video, it is likely that these teachers haven’t taught you well enough. Likely the teachers didn’t understand love well enough or have authentic happiness themselves.

Those who truly know, can effectively teach.

Now things will be different. Now you will learn how to feel love and happiness all the time using an extremely simple and direct spiritual practice.

The only thing that stands between you and Divine Love is a small adjustment in your mind.

Your mind is not blocking you from feeling Love. People who teach this concept do not yet understand the mind and how the mind functions.

The mind does not need to be removed. The mind does not need to be thought of as an enemy or a block. Your mind must never be fought against.

Only a small adjustment in your mind needs to be made to feel Divine Love. This video will teach you how to make that adjustment. Then with practice, you will enter and re-enter the state of Divine Love over and over again, increasing the strength of your energy and making blissful happiness a constant experience flowing through your life.

Sounds great? It is!

Sounds easy? It can be!

When understood in it’s raw, simple truth, constant happiness can be achieved.

Do not let spiritual teachers make you feel that they are special and you are not, that they are closer to God than you are, or that they know some secret. The truth is the simplest to understand. We all have the truth within us. The problem has been that confused people have passed on their confusion to us. Many spiritual teachers are still confused and teaching confusion to their students.

But that does not need to be you. You can be free from confusion and limitation. You can experience happiness always.

Experiencing happiness is the goal for every choice we make. Think about this statement. It is true. Every choice is based on a desire for greater happiness.

Don’t place happiness in the future. Don’t think of happiness as something lost in your past. Happiness is right here, right now, in every moment of your existence. Happiness can be a constant experience felt inside yourself. You only need to make one simple adjustment in your mind. This video will teach you how to make that adjustment. Enjoy!

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  1. Lyn says:

    Thank you Lincoln for passing on these wonderful words of wisdom.
    This brings a poem to mind I would like to share:

    I am love, a soft breeze on a gentle summers morn,
    I am love, the clap of thunder within a raging storm,
    I am love, cry of a newborn the moment of its birth,
    I am love, violent eruptions coming from the earth,
    I am love, see me ripple as I join the evening tide,
    I am love, I surround you and are ever by your side,
    I am love, always shining brightly as the sun,
    I am love, the foundation of each and everyone

  2. Sky Yozenko says:

    That’s beautiful Lyn. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Grace says:

    Dear Lincoln and Higher Self friends,
    Listening to this video and practicing the exercise taught here is having a deep and profound impact on my daily experience of life. I began with generating the feeling of love for objects. I then began using this exercise while looking at photos of loved ones for whom the feeling of love was buried underneath mind chatter and memories. This had a remarkable and wonderful effect on my relationships. I then began expanding the feeling of love for everything in my awareness (usually practiced while in bumper to bumper traffic on my commute to work:-) Once you can feel love for New York City traffic everything else becomes easy.
    I simply cannot thank you enough Lincoln for these life altering teachings. So much gratitude. So much love.

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