Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Building a Bridge with Communication

Saturday, August 26th, 2017
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Date: August 16, 2017
Title: Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Building a Bridge with Communication
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Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Building a Bridge with Communication

The purpose of communication is to transport the understanding inside one person’s mind to another person’s mind. We are sharing knowledge when we speak, emote and act. We build a bridge between two different realities when we communicate.

Speak. Listen. Understand. Respond. That is the process of communication for every person. Yet how many of us fully perform each step? How many of us truly understand the people communicating with us?

Most of the problems that arise in our relationships are due to poor communication skills. As children in our families and in our school systems, we were not taught how to interact with each other in healthy ways. We were not taught how to communicate properly. Now as adults, we are experiencing the dysfunction in our lives because of society’s immaturity. Now as adults, we are realizing that we must change how we experience our relationships.

For many of us, we rush through the process of communication. We listen to another’s words with only part of our awareness and mental focus. While we listen we are already preparing what to say next. In discussions, arguments or disagreements, we already assume we know what the other person will say. We jump ahead to presenting our ideas before we truly receive and integrate what we have just heard.

If we communicate in a fast-paced, haphazard manner, we will continue to feel emotional distance from our partner. We will not feel heard by them. They will not feel understood by us. Our relationship will suffer.

Healthy communicating is a bridge that unites two minds with two different understandings of reality. Like building a bridge, there are important steps to the process of building a healthy relationship in which both people truly understand each other. The Higher Self Consciousness has broken down this process into an easy-to-understand step-by-step process for you to use. This process will help you to quickly transform your life for the better.

Allow this Higher Self video teaching help you to create mastery in your relationships and the process of communication. By honoring a few simple, yet crucial, steps you can achieve long-lasting, healthy, nourishing, fulfilling relationships.

Blessings and Love.

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