The Union of Awareness & Creative Mastery: Eastern & Western Spirituality United

Monday, September 28th, 2015
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Date: July 21, 2015
Title: The Union of Awareness & Creative Mastery: Eastern & Western Spirituality United
Running Time: 45:28

The Union of Awareness & Creative Mastery: Eastern & Western Spirituality United

All of humanity is awakening to their spiritual totality as the receiving principle of Awareness and the expressive principle of Creative Energy. The East studied Awareness; the West studied Creation. Today East and West unite as humanity reaches total enlightenment.

In the beginning of the Universe there was One Consciousness. This One Consciousness manifested within itself the original pair of Awareness and Creative Energy. These two principles co-create to manifest everything in life.

Your human self is the cooperative combination of Awareness and Creative Energy. You receive the creative energy within your awareness. You express your creative energy into the awareness of others. Everything is awareness and energy. These are the original male and female, yang and yin, shiva and shakti principles.

For thousands of years, the Eastern civilizations of our world studied life. India, China, Japan and Tibet produced well developed sciences of inner exploration and cultivation. The East emphasized the principle of Awareness, teaching meditation, inner silence, stillness and the experience of being.

While the Eastern peoples were studying within themselves, the civilizations of the West were developing the sciences of the outside world. The exploration and mastery of the Creative Energies were the focus of the West. Biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, transportation, the arts and communication – all studies of the creative energy – were the sciences of the West.

Now as transportation and communication unites our world, the internal science of the East and the external sciences of the West combine to create a brand new human reality.

Learn how you are the culmination of your past lifetimes in Eastern and Western civilizations. Your present day life embodies all of your past knowledge, integrating it at a time when mankind is ready to move forward as more unified body of consciousness. Awareness and Creative Energy unite as mankind enters this new spiritual era.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Jah says:

    This channeling clarifies a lot about the basic functionality of life. These are the lessons we need to be teaching our children. Thank you Lincoln and Higher Channel.

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