Rare & Powerful Meditation to Enter the HEAVEN ON EARTH ZONE

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
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Date: May 22, 2014
Title: Rare & Powerful Meditation to Enter the HEAVEN ON EARTH ZONE
Running Time: 22:49
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Rare & Powerful Meditation to Enter the HEAVEN ON EARTH ZONE

Enter The Heaven on Earth Zone with this God Consciousness channeled energy activation and meditation. You have a rare opportunity to ascend into your Heavenly Bliss Body and assist humanity’s global ascension. This video will prepare you for the upcoming events on June 7 and June 8, 2014.

Use this video meditation and energy activation frequently to attune yourself to the highest spiritual dimensions and the most powerful ascension energies in the Universe.

Join scores of awakened Light Workers, Light Warriors and Way Showers in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland on June 7 and June 8. We are gathering to channel God Consciousness, higher dimensions Light Being, and the highest Universal Frequencies and Cosmic Energies to accelerate the global awakening of this world. We will celebrate Heaven on Earth together to make our Divine bliss a permanent part of the Earth reality!

Enter the “Heaven on Earth Zone” in Ireland – June 7-8, 2014

5 star location!
5 star food!
5 star consciousness!
5 star energy!
5 star activation!

We have created Heaven on Earth for you this one-time weekend! Experience Heaven on Earth as we celebrate our divinity as one family of Light. Share in the energy of Europe’s top light workers and Lincoln Gergar, the world’s premiere channel for Higher Self Consciousness.

Ask questions, get answers, immerse yourselves in automatic energy activations that will speed your ascension process of spiritual mastery. Here is a unique opportunity to experience your Higher Self in the spiritual energy fields creating Heaven on Earth in Wicklow, Ireland.

Register at http://www.higherselfteachings.com/events/

Location: Glendalough House, Annamoe, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Blessings and Love from the Highest Dimensions of Reality

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  1. Colin says:

    If the higher self had to define god, what would that being define god as?

  2. jessica says:

    You are so beautiful

  3. Sam says:


    When I perform this meditation my neck cranes back to the point of pain in the back of my neck. This usually happens during the expansion up through all the 144 chakras of my energy system. It gets to the point where I sometimes have to stop. I trust in this experience but do not know exactly why it happens. Could you shed some light on why this happens?


  4. jessica says:

    will this be avail with Skype?

  5. jessica says:

    will this seminar be avail. on skype?

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Jessica. I am working on getting a internet for the event to broadcast it on Skype. I will post another reply when I know for sure.

  7. Jessica says:

    I would really love to be apart of this one

  8. Lincoln says:

    Hello Sam. A large/strong amount of energy flowing through your Sushumna energy channel (non-physical energy channel related to your spine and brain) will sometimes cause the head and neck to bend backwards. This is nothing to be concerned about. No harm can come.

    One solution is to perform the “jalandhara bandha”, a yogic muscle lock that helps to direct the prana energy flow in the body. Do not use the photos in Google Images, because most images show the incorrect technique (too extreme of a head drop). The correct technique is to slightly drop the chin (maybe 1 inch) and then very gently push back the chin/jaw/skull into the cervical spine. This pushing back will open the occiput at the base of the skull. This opens up the energy flow and prevents the head from falling backwards.

  9. Sam says:

    Which exact dates will this happen? The 7th and 8th or the 8th and 9th. You have two different sets of dates.

  10. Sam says:

    Oh and the muscle lock worked, Thanks Lincoln!

  11. Lincoln says:

    The correct dates are June 7 and June 8.

  12. Lincoln says:


  13. Bryan says:

    Thank you Lincoln. This is excellent!!

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