Live Your Life Heart-centered and Watch a New Reality Awaken

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 445
Date: September 24, 2020
Title: Live Your Life Heart-centered and Watch a New Reality Awaken
Running Time: 40:08

Live Your Life Heart-centered and Watch a New Reality Awaken

Receive a channeled message that helps you live from your heart. Trust your natural expression and watch your life change. Watch how experiences align on your soul’s path of awakening.

Every person seeks happiness. Happiness is an emotion that we feel in our heart area but we rarely use our heart’s intelligence to guide our choices. By feeling your heart’s energy when you think you change how you interpret events and people. You change your understanding and the decisions you make.

Receive the Higher Self’s channeled guidance to help you connect with your Spiritual Heart to awaken the energy of happiness. Learn how to trust your heart-centered way of thinking so that you can experience firsthand the amazing quality of life that comes from heart-centered living.

We are all creators of our personal realities. By applying these Higher Self Teachings you can expand your reality and experience a life you truly love.

May you be blessed with peace, happiness, abundance and love.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Luis Calá says:

    Hi Lincoln! Let me tell you that something is going wrong with the videos numbering. Please check it out the first mistake with the video named “Higher Self Talks About the Upcoming Presidential Election in 2020” wrong numbered 448. It should be 444.

    The following video named “Channeled Message – Your Lives Have Been Taken Away From You. Your Reality Needs You” was numbered 444 and the last one “Live Your Life Heart-centered and Watch a New Reality Awaken” was numbered 444 again.

    I have the complete archive of all your videos and it is the first time that I have observed a problem with the numbering. Hope you can solve it.


  2. Lincoln says:

    Hello Luis, Thank you for checking my work. I appreciate your desire to help and your sincere dedication to these teachings. I number the videos in order they are recorded. You can check the dates and the numbers and see that they appear in order. The reason why the “Upcoming Presidential Election” (number 448) is published out of order is due to the desire to have this video released as soon as possible because of the date of the election. I wanted to release this information immediately. Thank you for message Luis. I wish you a wonderful day. Lincoln

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