Can a Soul Mate or Twin Flame bring true happiness?

Friday, October 10th, 2008
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Title: Can a Soul Mate or Twin Flame bring true happiness?
Date: October 10, 2008
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Can a Soul Mate or Twin Flame bring true happiness?

Listen as the Higher Self explains the quest to find a Soul Mate or Twin Flame partner in our relationships.

Understand where our desires for a perfect partner are created. Learn why we have these desires within us.

Learn the simple steps necessary for creating true happiness in our relationship as we come to understand and experience more of our true Self.

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  1. Heather says:

    I’m about ready to meet a friend I haven’t seen a long time. We may start a relationship and I am very nervous. I knew all this already, but it helps to have someone reinforce it for me. I am trying to calm myself and realize that I have the love already and don’t need it from another. All I have to do is share the love I have, and it is up to them whether they decide to receive it or not. Thank you, Lincoln.

  2. Lincoln says:

    You are very wise Heather and I know you’ll do great. Often we look to others to approve of our behavior. In this way we sacrifice our own happiness for other people’s opinions. It is wiser to create ourselves as we desire and then allow those who like our genuine self to form relationships with us. In this way we are honoring ourselves and attracting who is most compatible with us. Blessings and Love.

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks, Lincoln. If anything, this meeting proved that I still think too much, though. I realize that I am still very ego based when it comes to people of the opposite sex. It’s a process and the first step is being aware of it, so I’ve made some progress, which is good.

  4. Lincoln says:

    The more that a person can stay in non-bias awareness (no hopes, no expectations, no projections from past experiences, etc) the more clearly he/she will observe other people. It is important to honor what we notice with others and intuit within ourselves. In this way we will act intelligently. Namaste.

  5. Wynona says:

    I am really learning to share my love with others and I have begun attracting new friends into my life which feels great. I love when I am able to see other people with their walls and defences down and we are able to share many smiles and laughter together. I just reconciled with my first love who I still held some unforgiveness toward. I became aware of the love that I will always have within my heart for this person no matter what mistakes they have made in the past and I wanted to wish them my best. I know now that I am very worthy and deserving of a partner who is able to support me and able to share their love with me because they love themselves first. The day that I met my first love I had a strange feeling that I knew him on a soul leveI and I do believe we helped each other’s spirits grow. I no longer wish to look to him to make me feel complete, but I do desire him to be happy. It is beautiful moment when you remember the unconditional love that you have within your heart.

  6. Lincoln says:

    Awesome Wynona! I have noticed much growth in you in just this short period of time you’ve been posting comments. You are doing great!

    Blessings and Love always.

    ~ Lincoln

  7. Wynona says:

    Yes, I bought a journal and have begun writing down all of my own Higher Self’s messages. When ever I have an unpleasant emotion or something is bothering or upsetting me, I begin to write messages to myself which give me a higher perspective and give me greater peace. It is easy to slip back into the same unhealthy behaviours unless you have a greater understanding of why you keep repeating them. I am consciously making an effort to live more of my life in alignment with my true self, because at this point I believe it is the only path to greater love and peace. I will continue to watch your videos regularly because they reaffirm my own Higher Self messages. You truly are doing a really amazing thing in sharing these messages with others. I aspire to reach your level of love and consciousness. Thank you for all that you do. Much love and gratitude Lincoln.

  8. Lincoln says:

    Wonderful Wynona! The more you energy you put into your spiritual growth the more results you will experience.

    Thank you for your appreciation of this work. It fills my life with such great joy to be able to share this all with you.

    Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

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