Summer 2021 Higher Self Inner Circle – Learn 13 Energy Healing Practices

Saturday, May 29th, 2021
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Each cycle we celebrate a new topic with the Higher Self. The Summer 2021 channeled teachings will guide you to develop your abilities to channel healing energy in yourself and for others. This 13 week cycle will be filled with information to help you understand the science of frequencies, energy channeling and energy healing. You will be taught many different methods to channel energy into your own energy body and physical body. You will also learn how to channel energy to help others.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is continuing its journey into reality with this new cycle on working with healing energy. Topics will include:

  • how to connect to your Higher Self to receive higher dimension energy
  • how to heal emotional trauma and karmic wounds
  • how to support the body’s ability to heal itself by increasing energy flow into the nerves and cells
  • how to feel nonphysical energy and see nonphysical light
  • how to open the chakras and channels in the body that are specifically for healing energy
  • how to protect your energy body from unwanted energies
  • how to release unwanted energies
  • how to ground your body to increase your ability to receive more energy
  • receiving messages from our intuition and nonphysical guides
  • the Universal laws related to the transfer of energy between life forms
  • and more.

Remains the Same

  • Just like the current cycle, we will meet at the same time every Sunday, 11:00am Eastern Time USA.
  • All meetings will be recorded, posted on YouTube as private videos and emailed to you as MP3 audio files.
  • The Facebook group will remain active.
  • Weekly Higher Self Sangha meetings on Zoom
  • New meditations will continue to be offered each week. Every cycle and every week will be unique with minimal overlap in meditations. All of this will be done without lessening the overall effectiveness and without escaping the central aim of the Higher Self path of awakening.
  • New theme for each cycle. There are many aspects to our human reality. Each Inner Circle cycle will embrace one or more themes.

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The purpose of the Inner Circle is to create a guided exploration into the most important aspects of the human experience. We awaken the most important areas of ourselves with the Higher Self assistance. We experience accelerated personal growth and lasting developmental change. As we evolve all the parts of our human reality, we naturally and easily gain entry into the higher dimensions of Higher Self Consciousness.

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