Surrendering More Deeply into Your Authentic Self

Friday, March 18th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: March 18, 2011
Title: Surrendering More Deeply into Your Authentic Self
Running Time: 28:07
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Surrendering More Deeply into Your Authentic Self

We have been tricked, tricked into believing that we are not worthy of happiness, not worthy of love. We have been told that we are separate from God, told that we are not worthy of God’s Love. And we have believed this. In this Higher Self video teaching, learn how you can honor the deeper truth within you, the truth that affirms your Oneness with God, the truth that knows that Love is the authentic state of every person, the truth that you are worthy of Love.

At all times we are the Higher Self. This is our authentic state of being. The Higher Self is total consciousness and the creative energy of Divine Love. The quest for spiritual understanding and growth is not one of adding onto ourselves, but rather the journey of traveling deeper into ourselves. In this Satsang teaching, you will be guided on how you can more easily move beyond the conditioning of your human mind to surrender into your Spiritual Heart. It is this Spiritual Heart that is the doorway to your Soul and your eternal Self. Let us all let go of that which is limiting us and experience the depth of our Authentic Being, our Higher Self.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:


    Funny because I communicated with Higher Self this week about surrender! We are truly all connected in one consciousness because this has happened on multiple occasions. I am glad that you did this video on surrender because I wanted to hear more about it, as I am sure that others do too. I remember when I first heard the word surrender. It was a stumbling block for me because we do not think of surrendering in our society. I learned that this word means for us to let go and stop resisting and wanting to change ourselves and all of life. I learned that it means for us to stop judging, and to live in a state of awareness of Love through our Spiritual Heart. I learned from Higher Self teachings that when we judge ourselves and others, we are splitting what God has already made whole and perfect. This is making me more aware of Who I Am and What This Is in my daily life.

    Sometimes I get busy in my daily life and lose sight of keeping my awareness on my Spiritual Heart. I really feel it inside through my inner guidance system whenever this happens. I am learning to be more sensitive to movements of energy and emotions. I know right away if I am moving away from a focus on Love and awareness of my Spiritual Heart. Something inside signals me through a subtle movement of energy. Whenever this happens, I know that I need to refocus back on my breath and Spiritual Heart. This takes me back to feeling the energy of Love. I want the experience of staying more in the state of awareness and Love. I want to experience my true self each and every day. Thanks, for this helpful Higher Self meditation.

    Love and Blessings,


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