See Things Clearly in the Year 2020 – This Year’s Major Themes

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: December 22, 2019
Title: See Things Clearly in the Year 2020 – This Year’s Major Themes
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See Things Clearly in the Year 2020 – This Year’s Major Themes

See things clearly in this new year of 2020. Learn the major soul themes for this new year of 2020. Receive support, guidance and encouragement as you continue your process of Higher Self awakening this new year.

God is experiencing Itself as every person. God is experiencing the unique perspective of each person and the unique journey that each person has as their life. In the year 2020, we are being invited to deepen the trust that we have in ourselves as the creators of our lives.

You are a free will creator. You have unlimited possibilities in how you interpret your life experiences and how you create with your thoughts, emotions and actions. You have the freedom to shape every part of your life. This year of 2020 will help you to develop yourselves as creators of the unique realities that your hearts desire.

Every person’s life path is unique and different. Practice trusting your inner knowing and expressing it more powerfully into your life – shaping your thoughts, emotions and actions. Practice examining how you react to situation, comparing this to what you know as the your highest good. Practice coming into your personal reality more fully as the creator that you have always been.

The year 2020 is an exciting year of self empowerment as you integrate more of your Higher Self into your personal life. Trust what you have as your inner wisdom. Experience the support the Universe has you elevate yourself to a greater expression of unconditional love and wisdom. Celebrate the freedom you have as a creator and manifest that life that you truly desire to live.

I hope you all have a blessed new year, filled with abundant happiness, abundant success, abundant peace, and abundant love.

Blessings and Love.

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One Comment

  1. Nikola says:

    Of course we should respect others perspectives. However we will not experience growth in our own perspective if we are in contact only with those who agree with us, and if we go only towards those people. That is what people do in a cult.
    In order for us to grow not only we should trust ourselves, but also look other perspectives that challenge it. That is true measure of trust, if we are ready to change if experience is telling us otherwise. How we feel about our perspective is not a good reason or correct criteria for continuing to hold on to it.

    It is not quite true that everything is relative. We all share same refference points. When you drop a stone it drops to the ground every time for everyone, it doesn’t float.
    Having loving emotions means that we are not going to say that the stone is floating just so the emotions would continue to feel good. Or that we refuse to look if the stone is floating or not.. If we don’t tie the emotions to the content of the perspective but to the one who is having it, we will have more love in our emotions. That will not break when the perspective changes, which will always change, because that is a nature of perception.

    Also saying that my perspective has higher vibration than others, has implication that it is better.
    For someone who thinks clearly in effect this is the same as saying that it is true and the lower is false or incorrect. Which is normal and we cant avoid that, just that this is only a word play in the realm of political correctness, which tackles the emotions quite superficially.

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