Guided Meditation – Awaken & Integrate the Chakras Beyond the 7 in the Body

Thursday, April 5th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 5, 2018
Title: Guided Meditation – Awaken & Integrate the Chakras Beyond the 7 in the Body
Running Time: 37:12

Guided Meditation – Awaken & Integrate the Chakras Beyond the 7 in the Body

The human chakra system is the structure of the human psyche. Awaken your consciousness inside of the chakras and psyche in this Higher Self guided meditation.

The blueprint for your human personality – how you interpret your personal reality, how you respond to your life experiences, who you are a psychological structure – is mapped out in the energy body and chakras. We can learn to directly perceive our chakras – which is VERY DIFFERENT than using concepts to think about the chakras or using the imagination to visualize the chakras. This Higher Self guided meditation will help you to experience direct chakra perception.

In addition to a guided awakening process, the sequence of instructed practices will create an integration of the chakras above the Sahasrara crown chakra with the entire embodied 7 chakra system. Only by awakening and integrating all of the chakras as one functional unit, can genuine Ascension and Enlightenment occur.

Do not be misled by incorrect spiritual teachings that encourage imbalanced or separatists ideas and practices. We are not here to deny, avoid or escape any parts of this world or this human experience. We are here to awaken to the fact that our entire Reality is God. Only by correctly understanding the unity of all life and all parts of our self can we truly experience the state of Enlightenment.

The first 24 minutes of this video feature the guided meditation. After the guided meditation an explanation of the meditation is given.

At 33 minutes 33 seconds in the video, the audio quality changes because the technicalities with the original audio recording source.

Enjoy this Higher Self guided meditation. May it support you on your path to genuine spiritual enlightenment.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Chana says:

    Dear Lincoln,
    Thank you for this meditation.
    How far above the crown do you suggest that I place my awareness during this practice?
    With deepest gratitude for all your service,

  2. Andreas says:

    Hello! Please how do the chakras above the head relate to hridayam, the spiritual heart? Which is more subtle? Please is it useful to consciously draw energies from above the crown into the Body?

  3. Lincoln says:

    Hello Andreas. The chakra system is responsible for the human personality. The chakras above the crown contain qualities and functions that are not related to the physical functions of the brain and 5 senses. These qualities are still experienced as a separate personal self.

    The Spiritual Heart is located in a layer deeper than the chakra system – called the mental body or causal body. The Spiritual Heart is the deepest part of the mental / causal body. This is where the Universal Self first creates the experience of a personal consciousness (self).

    Awakening the higher chakras is not a replacement for awakening the Spiritual Heart. If you listen to the explanation at the end of this guided meditation, the important information is explained.

  4. Lincoln says:

    As is explained in the video, place your awareness above the head. When you feel a chakra of energy then you are focused correctly. The more developed a person’s awareness the more they will feel the different chakras above the head. Each higher chakra is more subtle to feel.

    When using this guided meditation, follow the instructions and trust the process. The experience will arise naturally.

  5. Chana says:

    Thank you!

  6. Andreas says:

    Thank you, LIncoln! Do you somewhere relate the chakra System with the Taoist system of dantiens? Namaste! Greetings from Austria!

  7. Lincoln says:

    The Taoist system of dantiens is another way of describing the same energy body. You can think of the the Taoist teaching as one map and the Kundalini Tantra chakra teaching as a different map. Both maps are explaining the same energy body.

    In my own life journey, I purposefully chose to never use another’s map. I was fully focused on emptying my mind of all concepts so that my direct experience would be as authentic as possible. At a young age, I saw how people’s ideas about what something is was different than the actual experience. So much suffering was caused by people relying on learned concepts – a form of ignorance. So I made a commitment to not learn concepts about myself but instead let the direct experience show me what something was. This approach to life has been an enormous benefit.

    To this day, I still haven’t read a book on chakras or watched a video about chakras. Over the course of many years I developed my own understanding by observing what what existing inside of me, as my energy body…. as well as observing others. That is what I teach.

    If you notice dissimilar aspects between my teachings and others, this would explain why. I teach from my direct experience.

  8. Lincoln says:

    I am reposting a comment that was placed on the YouTube page of this video. I feel that this comment may help others.

    QUESTION: One day later [after practicing your recent video meditation, I experienced a] major major headache…. should i just accept it and go through it …as some of the things rising?

    MY ANSWER: If you are experiencing headaches after performing this meditation, it is because there was a greater amount of energy guided into your brain-located chakras than you are accustomed to having there. In addition, if your crown chakra is not yet opened to the chakras above your head, then the energy directed to the higher chakras will build in the chakras in the brain area. You may still be focusing on the chakras above the head, but not all of your energy is reaching these chakras.

    Higher amounts of energy gathered in a chakra (any chakra) can feel like pressure. Higher energies in the brain-located chakras can cause temporary physical disturbances – like headaches, light-headedness, difficulty thinking, depersonalization or ungroundedness. These are all temporary experiences that will disappear as the gathered energy dissipates or becomes integrated. You can think of this experience with the following analogy.

    When a person lifts a heavy object, at first the person’s muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the object for a long time and the muscles tire, shake and, afterwards, become sore. But if a person continues to lift of the object regularly, their muscles become stronger. Holding that same object become easy. The muscles do not tire, shake or become sore. The muscles have grown and are now able to hold that object with ease.

    The same is true for your chakras. The more you practice filling your chakras with your own soul’s energy from the Spiritual Heart the stronger your chakras will become. It is important that we do not use our minds to try to take energy from other objects or other people. Doing so will pollute the purity of our energy systems and take us further into ignorance of our true nature as creators. We must awaken to the fact that we are creators of limitless power. Seeing the power from others only affirms our belief in our own weakness. We must not do this.

    You can continue to perform this guided meditation. It will help you to awaken the brain-located chakras and the chakras above the head. My advice is to wait a few days between the times when using this meditation. Allow your body and energy system time to rebalance and integrate the new energies. Your physical body and energy body are amazing structures. They have the intelligence within them to integrate these Higher Self energies in the most effective way. We must try the original design of our human realities and the forms that we experience as our human self. By trusting in the forms, we build trust for God.

    To determine the time between using this meditation, observe how your body is responding. Your observation of your body will tell you when your body (and energy system) is ready to receive more energy. When you recover from the effects of the meditation, then you are ready to practice is again. We learn to watch the forms. They will show us how to best co-create with them.

    Another piece of advise, which is also shared in this video, is to be physically relaxed when performing this mediation. If we are tightening the muscles of the neck or face, raising the shoulders, raising the eyeballs, then this can also cause headaches. We must keep a relaxed body, a calm even breath, and a focused mind. So while you are in the midst of practicing this meditation, periodically tune into your body’s musculature. Relax any tense muscles. Relax your face. Drop your shoulders if raised. Relax your palms if the fingers are closed. With more practice, you will find yourself able to complete the entire meditation with a relaxed body, focused mind and vital energy system.

    It is important to not fear this meditation because it is powerful. Experiencing power can create a reaction of fear. Any form of power can cause this. Fear is a natural response to perceiving power. We must consciously have respect for our own creative power, treat it with great care and appreciation… but not with fear. Fearing who we are as creators will keep us experiencing limitation in ourselves and in our lives.

    I wish you the best. May you experience success in this practice and happiness in your life.

  9. Andreas says:

    Lincoln, this is a very wise statement. Thank you so much!

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