Channelling 4 Myself

Friday, July 4th, 2008
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Date: July 04, 2008
Title: Channelling 4 Myself
Running Time: 37:58
Video Parts: 4

Channelling 4 Myself

Feeling the resistance of my ego personality as I walk foward on my spiritual path, I was compelled to ask my Higher Self for advise.

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  1. Amit says:


  2. Hemkesh says:

    Really exceptional!

  3. kapil razdan says:


  4. Anne Asquith says:

    Lincoln Thank you, my intent is to give to your site as you have given so much to me. You are purity, integrity, joy and enthusiasm. My dilemma is I am not convinced I have a spiritual heart. I know where it should be and I listen to you and try to work from here. Can a being be heartless spiritually.?
    Could a being have shutdown so much that their spiritual heart will not open.? I think that I could potentially be the worlds biggest manipulator and also egomaniac. Can you advise me as what to do. ?

  5. Lincoln says:

    Hello Anne, Thank you for sharing your appreciate and gratitude. I hope that my videos continue to help you awaken more happiness in your life.

    To answer your question, every human has a Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart is an energetic location in the mental body – one of the energetic layers of every human being. Every human being has a physical body (with physical organs), an emotional energy body (with chakras) and a mental body (with centers of consciousness). The Spiritual Heart is in the mental body, located near the center of the chest, within the deep unconscious mind center.

    The Spiritual Heart can be difficult to experience at first, because a person’s awareness is not yet sensitive enough to witness the subtle energies of the mental body. By practicing genuine meditation, the thoughts become quieter and less frequent. As the thoughts lessen, a person becomes more aware of emotional energies and chakras. Meditation will also quiet and balance the emotional energies. As the emotions lessen, a person begins to experience the subtle energies of the mind. These appear only after the thoughts have been silenced and the emotions stilled. At the depth of these subtle energies of the mind exists the energy of the Spiritual Heart. For a person to realistically experience the Spiritual Heart energy, he/she must have already created an adequate amount of inner silence and subtle awareness.

    My advice is to continue practice creating inner silence (less thought and emotion activity) by practicing “being” the state of awareness. Quieting the internal dialogue of thoughts is of supreme importance on the spiritual path. Nearly all the states of expanded consciousness require the thoughts to be quieter and even silenced.

    I wish you the best Anne. If you’d like more help working within yourself to create progress, I am available for personal channelings and spiritual consultation using Skype or the phone. You may contact me using the Contact Page to schedule a session.

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