Wake Up – Gaining awareness of the dream

Sunday, November 9th, 2008
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Title: Wake Up – Gaining awareness of the dream
Date: November 9, 2008
Running Time: 35:03
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Wake Up – Gaining awareness of the dream

Are you dreaming? Or are you awake?

Listen as the Higher Self explains the nature of life as a dream – impermanent forms occuring within a permanent I AM Consciousness or Self.

Learn how to recognize yourself as the permanent unchanging I AM Consciousness, to free yourself from identification with the unconscious dream state.

Learn how being awake and dreaming sleep share the same characteristics of an illusory dream world.

Gain insight into dream symbolism and dream interpretation.

Learn a simple direct method to awake from the collective dream of mankind.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Lincoln! I don’t know if you will get this comment or not since it’s an old video.. but I looked it up because since I have been listening to your videos before I go to bed I’ve been lucid dreaming, realizing I am dreaming when I am dreaming. I usually don’t like my life in the dream, whatever may be going on. I know I can change it but I just don’t see the point. Even the people in my dream are all just apart of my dream, not real. Its like I’m standing in this dream land but I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried talking to the people asking them questions about my subconscious, but that just seemed dumb after I got the answer. Then I tried meditating on my heart but nothing really happens. I get really bored and sometimes a little scared. I hear what you’re saying in this video but I’m just not understanding what to do when I realize I’m dreaming. I don’t want to create anything. I get bored and then just let myself slip back into unconscious dreaming. I hope you this! Thank you!!!!

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