Asking the Higher Self, does Hell exist?

Friday, October 3rd, 2008
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Title: Asking the Higher Self, does Hell exist?
Date: October 3, 2008
Running Time: 27:03
Video Parts: 3

Asking the Higher Self, does Hell exist?

Does Hell exist? If it does exist, where is it?

Who is creating it? And is Hell necessary?

In this Higher Self channeling session, we learn what Hell is, how Hell is created, and where Hell exists.

Also, learn how to “not go to Hell”.

Be guided on how to “go to Heaven” instead.

This is a very informative channeling session with much wisdom and love.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Marcel says:

    Hell seems to be what 1 indoctrinates themselves into & focusing on the things they are thinkin they are running from is only runnin to cause of what 1 was focussin on!? Hmm….. I think I understood that correctly.

  2. Lincoln says:

    We are the ones creating our emotional interpretations of our lives and this Universe. What we believe as truth, we experience in our emotions. What we believe and feel determines the actions that we create. Together, our beliefs, emotional energies and physical actions then determine the events in our lives.

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