How to Become the All That Is – God Consciousness – God Realization

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: July 16, 2019
Title: How to Become the All That Is – God Consciousness – God Realization
Running Time: 12:23

How to Become the All That Is – God Consciousness – God Realization

Waking up into a state of genuine spiritual enlightenment is easier that you have been taught by religions and teachers. Nearly every spiritual teaching and method has it’s limitations and most are limited by our identification with the human self. You are not the human self. The human self appears within your Consciousness. You are the Consciousness!

Awaken to the fullest experience of your authentic Self using the information and guidance in this Channel Higher Self video teaching. The information is simple and easy to understand. The method is nearly effortless and easy to apply.

This channeled video will offer you very clear information spoken directly and without vagueness. The direct presentation is intended to help you to awaken and to help you remove any blocks that may exist in your thinking. The energy being channeled creates breakthroughs in your own energy body, emotions, chakras and psyche. Every aspect of this video has been created to help you. May you experience your total enlightenment into the God Consciousness you always are.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Jacques T├ętrault says:

    This is the best ever, at least for me.

  2. Gene Hoover says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    This may have been the message I have been longing for. Since I have not yet been able to “feel the Spiritual Heart” or its love I have been struggling to feel the love and happiness that, as you say, the mind desires. So, to compensate, I do visualizations in which I embrace the love I feel for my pet, for example, and visualize that love and light going from my Spiritual heart in all directions. This is also to radiate love and light to provide a safe protective space around “me” (this expression), similarly to as you taught in one of your videos. I also know, however, that you caution against trying to expand the love and light of the Spiritual Heart by using the mind. This keeps one trapped in the mind.

    What you are saying in this video, I think, is that by using the “I am Love” statement/affirmation as I envision/become/realize that I already am God consciousness I bring the “I am Love” reality into this human reality – thereby giving the mind the love and happiness it desires – allowing it to relax and surrender. Maybe this could/should replace my old practice?

    Thank you so much Lincoln for all that you bring to help us awaken!

    Gene from Olympia

  3. Susana Mantle says:

    The best of channel higher self section has always being able to take the heart to eternity, Here and Now, undressed any covering, the I am has to come out to be: I AM. With this clear realization, everything becomes too simple to not understand. The essence of original self is ever pure, sufficient and free from becoming or change. Only manifestation.

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