Discover the Formless State – Empty, Still, Silent and Space

Saturday, April 6th, 2019
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 6, 2019
Title: Discover the Formless State – Empty, Still, Silent and Space
Running Time: 27:20

Discover the Formless State – Empty, Still, Silent and Space

As Consciousness, we become identified with and attached to the forms in our perception. This causes us suffering. Our minds react with desire (movement towards an object) and aversion (movement away from an object). The cycles of karma begin.
In this Channel Higher Self video, experience a state free from attachment and suffering. Experience the Formless State.
Be lead in a guided mediation by the channeled Higher Self. Be guided deep into your own Formless State where you are then taught directly and assisted in deeper non-dual awakening.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Andreas (Vienna, Austria) says:

    Hi Lincoln!

    Great video – could be a teaching of a great Dzogchen master. Please could you help me with 1 conceptual question? In many meditations there is said: “Feel the space around the body!” This is a great technique to connect to the physical, then astral, then mental and last but not least the ultimate spaceless space. But what Instrument does actually feel these spaces? In yoga the finest physical sense, the sense of hearing can perceive sounds mpving in space, but not space itself. How is akasa perceived?


  2. Lincoln says:

    Hello Andreas. It is the personal self / personal consciousness that is perceiving all of these layers / dimensions.

    In yoga, the Ajna Charka has the qualities of the 3 Gunas – which are the characteristics for experiencing the changes in perception (sattva, rajas, tamas). These 3 Gunas arise because of the interplay of Awareness and Form (Purusha and Prakriti).

    The perception of space helps us to experience the personal quality of awareness because space is the most formless form and therefore brings us closest to the realization of our own awareness. When we focus on denser forms (ether, air, fire, water, earth) it is more difficult to identify our own awareness. Space is still a quality of form, so we must not become identified with space, or for that matter, silence and stillness as well. We use the perception of what is most subtle to help us realize what is our own awareness.

    I perceive akasha as a dimension of intelligent, aware, responsive, energy. When I am in this dimension, that which I desire to know appears. That which I desire to perceive arises. The akasha is like a type of mental energy, similar to the way the dreaming mind manifests itself. However when interacting with akasha, we are completely conscious in a higher dimension than the dreaming mind (subconscious mind).

  3. Andreas (Vienna, Austria) says:

    Thank you so much Lincoln! Would the Self perceive any world without its instruments (mind, senses)? Namaste!

  4. Andreas (Vienna, Austria) says:

    Thank you so much, Linconl! Please would the Self perceive a world without its instruments (mind, senses, …)?

  5. Lincoln says:

    The 1st creation is a single state of the complete unity of Awareness and Form (Purusha and Prakriti). In this 1st dimension the Universal Mind exists, however the personal mind / personal self is fully integrated into the experience of the Universe and is not expressing itself yet as an individualize process. The personal self begins it’s existence when the one form begins to change. With this change, a type of mental space is created and now the personal mind can exist and reflect “I Am”, “I am here having an experience”. Self and other is experienced. With the appearance of change, the personal mind exists. When there is only one unchanging form, there is only the Universal Mind creating the experience. The personal mind is absorbed in the Universal Mind and has not yet “come into existence/expression”.

    The human world we experience is a very complex creation, where the one forms divides and alters itself into countless different forms. The personal mind, due to attachment with the forms, appears to divide itself as well. In truth the personal mind is the Universal Mind. It is the attachment (literally being connected to) to the forms that causes the Universal Mind to experience itself as a process of change and variety (personal selves).

    In meditation we can learn to remove this attachment by focusing on the quality of awareness itself. Awareness focused on awareness, as I call it. When the attachment is removed, we cease perceiving the forms as separate, moving objects. They all re-absorb back into a single form – the 1st dimension of creation.

    Without anything to perceive, there is no awareness – yet it still exists as an unmanifest experience. God / Self knows its own existence but is not perceiving anything.

  6. Andreas (Vienna, Austria) says:

    Thank you, Lincoln!

  7. Nikola Cvetkovic says:

    That was a great answer, and question as well. I really enjoyed it! It is so nice when the pointing words are flowing with such clarity that everything expressed falls into its place supporting other points without collision, so there is a clear sense of consistency.
    Of course all explanations are just that, explanations of the experience and not the experience itself. But there is such a peace when we bring some understanding home, that we are ready to receive or rather discover this very subtle aspects of reality beyond expression and allow experience and understanding to merge into one.

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