How to Choose the Best Understanding, Interpretation and Response to a Life Situation

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 432
Date: August 13, 2020
Title: How to Choose the Best Understanding, Interpretation and Response to a Life Situation
Running Time: 52:52

How to Choose the Best Understanding, Interpretation and Response to a Life Situation

In this channeled message, the Higher Self is asked “how can we choose the best understanding to interpret and respond to a situation in our lives?” Learn how the higher dimensions would understand the human experience and the situations that human beings commonly experience.

We are all part of a greater state of Universal Intelligence, Awareness and Energy. I call this the Higher Self. In these Channel Higher Self videos, I communicate messages and answer questions while channeling the Higher Self.

Often in our human lives, we are faced with challenging situations that can be interpreted differently. Different interpretations create different responses. Different responses create different outcomes. How can we find the best interpretations to life’s challenging situations so that we experience the best results?

Receive practice guidance from the Higher Self consciousness in this channeled teaching. Spirituality is more than meditation and philosophy. Genuine spirituality is the science of living as a spiritual consciousness having a human experience. We are all in this human reality exploring ourselves as creators. These videos help you to understand different areas of the human experience so that you may live of life of greater mastery and happiness.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Karen says:

    Dear Lincoln, I’ve been been meaning to let you know for a while now how much I am being helped by the teachings you facilitate. Some others say similar things as you and I’ve learned from them. I feel that your teaching comes from a different angle, an angle I have been missing without knowing that I missed it. Everything seems contriving at this time to take me closer to the truth of life in the sense you talk about. It’s all slowly coming together and I’m so very grateful. Your last four or five videos I have listened to again and again and I’m starting to feel transformed – very slowly and with the odd little relapse, but surely all the same. I’m very clear that I do not want my old shoes anymore:).Thank you so very very much! Namaste from New Zealand. Karen

  2. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Karen for your sincere message. I am very happy that the quality of my channeled information and energy has been helping to anchor you more deeply into your Higher Self state. In many ways, the energy channeled in these video teachings is as powerful or more powerful than the concepts. The reality we experience is based on vibration. Connecting directly with Higher Self vibrations will carry the concepts deeper into our minds. This will produce noticeable changes in the alignment of events in our lives. Everything from how we feel, to the changes in our understanding, to the alignment of new events will demonstrate to us that truth of the Higher Self teachings. We are all God Consciousness experiencing itself in reality. I wish you the best experiences Karen. Thank you for embracing my videos. May they continue to serve you.

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