Join the Higher Self for a 4 Day Channeled Retreat – Mastery of the 4 Elemental Energies

Sunday, April 11th, 2021
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Learn how to work with the power of your mind and your internal energies to manifest the experiences you desire in your life. Whether creating spiritual enlightenment, a happier psyche, healthier relationships or physical experiences you desire, creating with the 4 elemental energies is the process.

These 4 energies create the entire human experience. They are earth, water, fire and air. These 4 energies appear as solid, liquid, heat and gas and as the 4 lower chakras in the human psyche.

If feel attracted to learn from the channeled Higher Self Consciousness, you may join our in-person or online live stream retreat. Please visit the Higher Self Teachings event page to learn more and register.

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