This is the Enlightened State – Do Not Build a Story Around This State

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 329
Date: March 13, 2018
Title: This is the Enlightened State – Do Not Build a Story Around This State
Running Time: 28:34

This is the Enlightened State – Do Not Build a Story Around This State

Follow this guided meditation into your own authentic state of enlightenment. Simple, direct and without the ego.

The modern world loves a story. This teaching is not for the modern world.

Gurus and teachers build concepts and stories for their students. This video has no story. It will not entertain you.

If you are sincere in your spiritual devotion. If you want the peace and happiness of enlightenment more than you want anything else in this world, then this video is for you.

You must leave behind everything you know about spirituality to gain what this video is offering you. You must simplify your spiritual path and be without concepts and a story to experience what is being taught.

Meditate along with the Higher Self Consciousness in this video. Practice without a story. Practice directly. Experience your own enlightened state.

The Higher Self energy in this video will support you and carry you deeper into your authentic state of Self-Realization.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. anon says:

    Hello everyone. This is Lincoln the Channel for Higher Self. Welcome to the Satsang with the Self video series. In these videos I channel the Higher Self Consciousness. Each and every one of us is a part of a greater field of universal intelligence, awareness and creative energy. As we expand our own experience of reality, we can enter into this Higher Self state and live it within our lives. I’ll now bring through a channeled message to help you all experience more of yourself and understand this human reality. I hope that you enjoy today’s video.

    Dear Ones: you are beings of light. Right now, always, you are at this light. Close your eyes. Feel your chest moving while your body naturally breathes and be at peace. Perceive the rhythm of your body’s breath; feel your chest lift and expand; feel your chest fall and contract. Allow this natural movement and let it relax your body; releasing tension, releasing stress. Allow it to relax your mind, quieting your thoughts, returning you to this present moment. Simply be the state of awareness, here and how; perceiving the breath, perceiving this moment.

    You Dear Ones are the light. The light that shines, the light that perceives, the light that understands, the light that creates. Your light Dear One, is your awareness; the intelligence that hears the thoughts of human understanding; the intelligence that knows the forms as they appear and change and vanish. You are the creative energy having this human experience, creating existence. The light you seek Dear Ones, is yourselves. Relax into this moment, being your awareness, being the clear light of perception, intelligence and creative power. Perceive your body’s breath as it naturally moves; just be in this moment; just be present here.

    As you watch your body’s breath you will notice it change. The more present you are as the consciousness witnessing the breath, focusing upon the body, the slower the breath will become. Do not try to slow your breath; just relax and be the awareness and the breath will slow itself. The quieter the thoughts become, the less energy the brain uses; the less the breath has to work. With a quieter breath comes a quieter mind. It happens naturally; do not try to control it. The more you try to control your breath the further you move from this meditative state. Allow the natural rhythm while you stay aware. Slower and slower, quieter and softer your breath will become as your mind returns to stillness.

    Notice what happens within your experience. With every thought, energy increases inside the body, and the breath must work. Notice the movement of this energy: from where in the body it arises; the pathways through which the energy travels. Simply be the state of perception: adding nothing, witnessing all that appears, understanding this direct experience of life.

    We practice becoming as this awareness, one pointed in focus, focused upon the breath. We build our experience of being that deeper consciousness; we establish a place of existence beyond the thoughts, beyond the emotional feelings, beyond the physical body. We practice being this deeper state of consciousness and that frees us from the mind’s activities. It allows us to be more powerful as creators. We sit in stillness with the activities of life. Doing so adds stillness to the body, mind and emotions. This allows the body’s energies to return to a state of balance. This allows the breath to return to a greater state of health and harmony. This allows the tension in the nerves to release. This allows the body to heal more effectively.

    We sit as this awareness and the mind empties; the present moment fills our reality; and the understandings, thoughts, opinions and desires based upon our past vanish. We exist here and now, holding the totality of this moment, the mind present, empty and full.

    We experience ourselves as the intelligence beyond thought, beyond the story of our human lives. We experience ourselves as the space of consciousness; beyond the limitations of thought, emotion and bodily desires.

    We do the least creative work during this practice, and we attain so much. Fully participating with one simple action: be the awareness and watch the breath. The mind changes itself; the body changes itself. We do so little and yet do so much.

    Notice yourselves as the space of consciousness. Perceive the field of your awareness, your clear light shining. You are this light. It is your perception, your deepest intelligence, your original creative energy. Before thought and feeling and action: you are this. Perceive your own state of consciousness by being aware of the awareness.

    In every moment, you are this clear light, and the forms of the universe appear inside of you.

    That which you focus upon is that which you continue as your experience. When we focus upon the breath, we continue the experience of watching the breath. The breath continues being as it is. There is no story to the breath. There is no personality. There is only the movement of life.

    If we watch our thoughts, we continue their creation, and the story continues, the personality continues.

    If you wish to quiet your thoughts and be free from your human story then do not watch the thoughts; instead watch the breath.

    Be with the body living from this place. You will learn how to function without a story; so have no fear; have no resistance.

    Perceive your own state of consciousness. And be without the body, without the story; be as the space.

    You Dear Ones are this light. You are the light of consciousness. Practice experiencing yourself as this. This is the enlightened state. Do not build thoughts and a story around this state of enlightenment. Allow it to be as it is. It is this. While staying as the awareness the forms will continue to change. This is the state. Do not build a story around this.


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