Remove Emotional Blocks: Old Beliefs Distort Perception

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 252
Date: September 29, 2014
Title: Remove Emotional Blocks: Old Beliefs Distort Perception
Running Time: 36:32

Remove Emotional Blocks: Old Beliefs Distort Perception

Welcome to Video 2 of this Higher Self series on Emotional Freedom and Mastery. Understand how your beliefs about reality shape how you perceive life and situations.

We are all consciousness-based systems of awareness and energy. Energies from the external world enter us (called perception) and leave us (called expression). Often the pathways of perception and expression contains energetic blocks. The experiences we’ve had in our past have conditioned us to limit our perception and expression, reducing the fullness of the spiritual human experience often to a mundane struggle. By understanding why these emotional blocks exist and how we form them, we can then also act to quickly undo them.

Our past experiences do not need to limit our creative potential or our perception of other people and life experiences. We can live a life of greater freedom and happiness. This video is one important piece in your process to a happier life.

The first video in this mini-series focused on emotional blocks in the creative process of expression. Limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, low self-worth, low self-confidence, and others distort, alter and can even stop our creative expression. We fail to take actions, fail to express our words, and even suppress our emotions all because we have emotion blocks within. The first video teaching helped you to locate these energy blocks, examine their contents, understand their purposes and then remove them fully.

In this second Higher Self video teaching, the focus moves into the process of perception and how our internal beliefs can distort our perception and prevent us from fully receiving an experience in our lives.

The total process of our being is two-fold. We express outward into life from our Spiritual Core. And we receive inwards from the world, into our Spiritual Core. Emotional blocks can exists in both pathways. Here in this video we examine one aspect of the inward flow, called perception.

Blessings and Love.

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