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Tuesday, December 7th, 2021
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Your chakra system is your human psyche. When your soul (light body) connects into the physical body, the chakra system is created. There are chakras inside your body and outside your body. In this Higher Self guided meditation we awaken the entire chakra system – including the chakras above the head (8th to 12th chakras) and below the feet (usually not numbered).

The human chakra system is more than colored lights. Your chakras are centers of intelligent emotional energy that, together, create the human psyche. Each chakra has psychological (intellectual and emotional) characteristics that determine how you create your human reality.

You can think of a chakra like a physical organ. In your physical body, all of the organs work together to create the digestive system, respiratory/circulatory system, reproductive system, endrocrine system and nervous system. Each organ is important and necessary for the body to function.

Each chakra is important and necessary to create the entire human psyche. Your psyche is an energy structure (energy body) that contains all of the human ideas (beliefs, desires, interpretations, etc) and human emotions (happiness, joy, peace, security, fear, enthusiasm, denial, etc).

In this Higher Self Inner Circle lesson, we examine the importance of integrating and balancing the masculine and feminine principles of our mind and psyche. There are universal principles of male and female qualities that are found in the upper and lower chakras, as well as personal male and female qualities found within each chakra. Every form in creation has both male and female qualities creating it. The Star of David (Merkabah) is a powerful system that represents this male and female balance.

The Higher Self guides us in an energy meditation that awakens the central channel (Sushumna) of the chakra system to energize and integrate all of the chakras together. The practice then expands to awaken and integrate the chakras above the head and below the body.

The chakras above the head contain the higher mind / higher intellect qualities of the human psyche. The chakras below the feet contain the universal creative energies that we use to manifest more effectively in our lives. When united together we awaken the greatest expression of our human self.

This is a powerful channeled teaching and an advanced lesson in spirituality and ascension.

This video is the the 10th week’s lesson. Each Inner Circle cycle has 13 weeks of channeled teachings and practices. This video is part of the Autumn 2021 Higher Self Inner Circle on the topic of Mind Mastery.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is a powerful program designed at the highest spiritual level – the level of your Higher Self – to help you remember who you are as the eternal consciousness creating your personal reality. All teachings are channeled to give you the most direct knowledge and energy from the higher dimensions of spiritual reality.

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