Q&A: I hate the breathing practice you gave me and I will continue using it

Thursday, April 6th, 2023
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QUESTION: I’m sorry in advance about the language. But I f***ing hate the breathing practice [you gave me] and the meditation. There’s nothing I want to do less in a morning then this. I have an unbelievable amount of resistance to doing it, every bone in my body is saying it’s stupid, there’s no point, I even get flooded with a massive punt of ” you’re doing it wrong and you look like an idiot” even though no one’s there.

I just needed to vent. I’ve done it every day since I’ve sent you the message and I will continue no matter what my mind says.

Hope you’re well and I’m looking forward to this next inner circle cycle. Thank you

MY ANSWER: This is great. It is good that your anger is coming up. Your psyche has had a habit of repressing your fire energy. In the past you would get depressed (lack of fire), hopeless (lack of fire), disinterested in life (lack of fire), feeling defeated by life (lack of fire) and believing that you can’t be happy and successful in your life (lack of fire). All of these are low fire energy.

Now the breathing is adding energy to your nervous system, chakras and energy channels. With more energy all of the chakras will receive power. This will break free energy blocks and also show you your limiting beliefs. You will see how you have been creating your own suffering. This is very good.

The breathing practice is helping your psyche to experience fire, when before the fire energy was shut down and not allowed to express. By allowing your body to get angry during this breathing practice you are showing yourself that it is okay to feel fire and that sometimes anger is the healthy response to an unhealthy situation.

Jesus got angry when the priests were running a bank out of the church and flipped over the tables spilling the coins onto the ground. He then passionately yelled at them that they were doing something unholy. He didn’t want to hurt them with his anger. He wanted to make a strong impression on them with this strong use of fire. He wanted to communicate an important message.

Anger has saved people from staying in abusive relationships. Anger has been the energy causing entire societies to change their governments because their human rights were being violated.

Anger is extremely powerful, focused fire energy. It can destroy something unhealthy to create the opportunity for something better to replace it. The more that we awaken we learn to not suppress any emotional energy but instead to channel it in the best ways.

Anger is one of the strongest human emotions and also one of the most difficult to understand and consciously work with. Anger is the fire element. Fire is the element that changes matter from solid to liquid to gas. Fire is the energy of transformation.

Sometimes feeling anger is helping us to see how we have been resisting our inner knowing. Anger builds until it shows us how we have been resisting something healthy and helpful. Once revealed the anger can change into enthusiasm and passion as we then create the new thing we realized.

As long as we do not blame other people for our unhappiness, the anger will not be harmful. When we take responsibility for ourselves as creators, then we do not blame other people for our choices, feelings and beliefs. We don’t get angry at them, rather we get angry about situations. It is, oftentimes, healthy to be angry about aspects of our life because it wakes us up to see how we can improve our life.

Staying in the anger energy too long can create a false sense of personal power. Anger is very strong fire energy so it can make a person feel super-human – but it’s really just an over-charged ego that is still not aligned with wisdom. Usually someone who stays in anger too long has fear underneath it. They stay in anger because it makes them feel powerful but they don’t move forward with creating a better experience. Anger should become motivation and enthusiasm when it’s allowed to continue its psychological process.

Anger will come up from time to time and that is okay. Look and see what it is you are angry about. Why does this breathing practice make you angry? What parts of your life are you angry about? See what you have been unhappy with but didn’t believe you could change. Now you have more energy inside of you. The breathing practice is giving you more energy. Now you have the energy to change what you have always been wanting to change.

Feel the fire as anger first. Then feel the fire as enthusiasm and self-confidence. Let yourself feel how powerful the fire is. Learn how to allow fire to be part of your emotional energy.

Let yourself be angry about the breathing practice. And also see that the breathing practice is helping you to free your repressed emotional energy. Get angry at the breathing practice and also understand how allowing yourself to feel anger is helping you to become a more complete human being.

This is good. Good luck as your journey of self-discovery continues. You are doing great. As you know, I have always believed in you.

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