Stop The Mind and Experience Fully the Present Moment Masterclass

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023
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Are you ready to live in the present moment with a silent mind?  Imagine walking through the world with no thoughts and no emotional reactions.  Imagine only hearing silence inside of your mind.  Your inner peace would be profound.  Feeling unity with the world would be your constant experience.

Authentic meditation stops the mind. That is the final goal that meditation builds towards.  Yoga refers to it as samadhi.  Buddhism calls it nirvana.  In the west, we call it enlightenment.  But few meditators learn how to stop the mind’s activities and experience these exulted states of pure consciousness.  Why? The science is simple and the practices are easy.

For 90 days, you will learn how to enter into present moment awareness with a mind free from thoughts and emotional reactions.  Each meeting will contain important instruction that pinpoints precise ways that we can adjust our meditation practice to improve it’s effectiveness.   You will learn the science of meditation with a hand’s on approach.  At the end of each meeting, I will be there to answer you questions to ensure you are making progress.

💥 This Inner Circle will teach you how to meditate to stop the mind’s activities and also how to stay with a silent mind while interacting in the world.

Instruction help you understand the finer details of meditation and also  how to carry our meditative state into the activities of daily life.  The Higher Self recommends that everyone has a daily meditation practice.  This masterclass will build a strong foundation from which to launch a daily meditation practice.

We will begin this cycle with easy to follow guided meditations designed to accelerate the speed our development.  Just like a child learns to ride a bicycle first with training wheels, the Higher Self’s guided meditation will accelerate how quickly we learn to meditation.  By the end of the 13 week masterclass, you will be successfully sitting for 40 minutes of silent awareness-based meditation.

I want you to experience the profound freedom of having a silent mind.  If you apply the teachings and practice daily, your inner silence will be significant.  This Inner Circle will create a powerful foundation for a daily meditation practice that you keep for the rest of your life.


Our first meeting will be Sunday, October 1, 2023.  You may use the instructions below to register.

Learn more and register at Join the Higher Self Inner Circle

Are you curious but undecided?  Watch samples from my other Inner Circle cycles to understand what our meetings are like. Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles


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