Master the Use of Prayer, Mantra, Devotion to God and Mindfulness | Summer 2024

Monday, June 17th, 2024
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Effectively use the mind techniques of prayer, mantra, devotion to God and mindfulness to develop the full potential of your mind. These four ancient mind techniques are powerful tools to raise your vibration, change the events of your life, and shift our planet from the energies of conflict to peace, cooperation and love.

Starting in July, we will spend 3 months receiving channeled guidance from the Higher Self. We will improve our ability to create our best lives and to improve the quality of life in our world. The ancient sciences of prayer, mantra, devotion/worship and mindfulness will be taught from the Higher Self state of spiritual consciousness.

With prayer, we connect to God/Source – the infinite Intelligence creating all experiences – to change the energy of our world. We intend the highest experiences of peace, love and happiness for all of humanity. United together, we can stop our violence, end our wars and create a utopia – a true Heaven on Earth for everyone to enjoy.

With mantra, we transform our entire body into a vibrational tuning fork – resonating with frequencies of peace, love, joy and empowerment. We align our physical selves with our Divine Self and live as generators of true spiritual energy.

With devotion, we align our personal will to the will of God, our personal mind to the Intelligence of God, and our emotions to spiritual energy. We empty ourselves of all selfish desires and become a vessel for God’s love and light.

With mindfulness, we empty our minds of concepts and expand our connection to everything in the present moment. We perceive the unity in all things. With an empty mind and expanded perception, we directly connect to people and experiences in deeper ways and awaken a greater understanding of what things truly are.

The Higher Self will guide you into a greater understanding of the sciences behind these ancient practices of purposeful transformation. Each week a new prayer, mantra or meditation practice will be given. For 90 days you will become a vessel for genuine spiritual energy. Together we can change our world and change ourselves. Let’s create a world of peace and love for everyone to enjoy!

Our first meeting will be Sunday, July 7, 2024.  You may use the instructions below to register. Join the Higher Self Inner Circle


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