90 Days of Channeled Teachings on the Human Chakra System

Friday, December 31st, 2021
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On Sunday, January 2nd the Higher Self will begin a 90 day master class on the human chakra system. Learn how the chakras are created and how they form your human psyche. Receive guided meditations for each chakra so that you can change the beliefs stored within them and awaken greater creative power.

Your chakra system is in the interface that connects your eternal soul to your human body and world. By changing the frequencies of the chakras we transform how we think and the emotions we feel. Raising the vibrations of your chakras will accelerate your spiritual awakening process and bring into your life greater experiences of happiness.

The chakra systems is one of the most important structures in our human experiences. It holds the content of our personal mind and the beliefs that are determine what happens in our lives. Learn about your chakras and methods to create genuine transformation and spiritual awakening.

The next Higher Self Inner Circle begins Sunday, January 2, 2022. To register visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle


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