90 Day Channeled Higher Self Program – Create the Highest Health in Your Body

Friday, September 16th, 2022
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The health of your physical body is mirroring to you your state of mind, ideas about life and emotional vibration. Take your body to the highest level of health by using channeled knowledge and methods from the higher spiritual dimensions in this 90 day Inner Circle.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is a 3-month long course containing 13 classes spread over 13 weeks. Each class is 3 hours long and contains information, methods and q&a – all presented from the channeled state. Participate live every Sunday and also receive recordings to take your body’s health to the highest level.

We are eternal creators creating our human realities. The events of your personal life and the vitality of your physical body show you exactly what you are creating with your mind and emotions. The physical dimension is mirroring to you the thoughts and emotional energies that you are expressing. From subtle energy to dense physical matter, we are creating our experiences in life.

This Higher Self Inner Circle will help you to understand, in very precise ways, how your physical body is showing you the beliefs you hold in your mind. If your body is experiencing an illness or health challenge, you will learn to uncover the beliefs causing it. If your body is free from illness, the knowledge and tools in this course will help you to increase your health even further.

Happiness in our lives requires that we have a healthy body. Take your health to the next level with the support of the Higher Self in this 90 day Inner Circle.

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