3 Month Program to Channel Higher Self Energy into the Chakra System, Emotions and Psyche

Monday, December 20th, 2021
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The chakra system is the interface between your eternal soul and your human reality.  Your chakra system holds all of your beliefs and memories.  Chakras communicate with your soul using thoughts and emotions.  Learn about your chakra system and transform deep beliefs and emotional reactions (triggers) in this 3-month program.

January 2022 is the start of the next Higher Self Inner Circle.  For 3 months you will receive weekly channeled teachings and guided energy meditations that teach you how to understand and transform your chakra system and human psyche.  In this Inner Circle cycle you will:

  • learn the qualities of each chakra
  • learn how to listen to your emotions to understand their messages
  • increase your awareness of what you are feeling emotionally and why you are feeling these specific emotions
  • gain mastery in your chakra system
  • increase and expand the energy of each chakra
  • remove the energy blocks of each chakra
  • work with the chakra system in a genuine way that is more effective than using colors, sounds and visualizations
  • understand the purpose of our chakras and how we are supposed to be using them
  • learn about the layers of the mind, psyche, emotions and energy body
  • uncover deeply held beliefs in the psyche
  • transform, heal and evolve the beliefs in the psyche
  • learn how to work with emotional energy to create genuine healing
  • understand of how the creative process of manifestation works
  • much, much more!

The Inner Circle is a powerful program designed at the highest spiritual level – the level of your Higher Self – to help you awaken to the fullest experience of your eternal self in this human experience. All of the teachings and guided meditations are channeled from the Higher Self – something no other masterclass offers.

Join the Higher Self Inner Circle

Ready to take the next step on your spiritual path of awakening? The Higher Self Inner Circle is a weekly live stream event where you receive in-depth teachings and advanced energy practices to help you reach your spiritual goals. This 3 month accelerated awakening program uses channeled Higher Self messages and energy – all given to you live each Sunday.  By the end of the 3 months you will have received over 40 hours of channeled teachings, over a dozen advanced practices and the support needed to take your life to the next level.

To sign up for the Higher Self Inner Circle visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle


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