3 Month Channeling Class begins in October 2021 – Higher Self Mind Mastery

Monday, September 20th, 2021
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Receive 40 hours of channeled teachings and guided meditations for Mind Mastery. Every week a 3 hour Zoom livestream channeling class taught by channel Lincoln Gergar will guide you into the layers of your mind to awaken your mind’s powers. Easily silence your mind and remove unwanted thoughts. Increase your creative power and manifest with greater ease and speed. Learn powerful affirmation and visualization practices to create the reality your heart desires.

It is time to master your mind in the next Higher Self Inner Circle. Join this 3 month program that teaches you how the mind works and how to most effectively create with your mind. Receive over 40 hours of channeled teachings and spiritual practices that increase your creative power in your mind. Your mind is your greatest tool. Learn how your mind works and work with your mind at a higher level of mastery. Join the next Higher Self Inner Circle on Mind Mastery.

This 3 month program of channeled teachings will help you to:

  • create silence in your mind
  • reduce the amount of random thoughts
  • increase the creative power of each consciously-created thought
  • use the mind to create the frequencies of your energy body
  • create affirmations the correct way
  • create visualizations the correct way
  • connect your personal mind to the Universal Mind
  • open your third eye and crown chakra
  • improve your confidence as a creator by knowing how the mind actually works
  • and more.

The Inner Circle is a powerful program designed at the highest spiritual level – the level of your Higher Self – to help you remember who you are as the eternal consciousness creating your personal reality. The channeled teachings and energy helps you awaken your full potential so that you may live a life that you truly love.

Join the Higher Self Inner Circle

Ready to take the next step in your Higher Self awakening? The Higher Self Inner Circle is a weekly live stream event where you receive in-depth teachings and advanced energy practices to help you awaken your full potential. This 3 month accelerated awakening program uses channeled Higher Self messages and energy. Each program follows a topic and each week builds upon the previous week. By the end of the 3 months you will have received over 40 hours of channeled teachings, over a dozen advanced practices and the support needed to take your life to the next level.

To learn more about this program and to join, visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle



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